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Ah! My Goddess OVA Itsumo Futari De: Wasn’t all bad.

So I saw Kurogane’s RAEG over the Ah! My Goddess OVA. That got me thinking. He thinks that it’s a “huge piece of sacrilege towards the original work”, but that’s because he’s actually read the manga/watched the anime.

Well then, what about someone who’s heard of the series, but never actually went beyond the title? I don’t even know if the manga or the anime came first, and I don’t intend to find out before finishing this post. All for the sake of objectivity, of course. I didn’t even read beyond that line I quoted. (There’s no way my fellow blog authors or myself can be this lazy~)

Yasashiku shite ne, pardon my ignorance, all that stuff.

That is one hell of a dorky looking helmet.

I never like starting my ‘new’ animes with negative impressions, but I have to say it. Those goggles certainly don’t help.


Her helmet's slightly better. Or at least, more normal-looking.

Incidentally, those markings are like, angel/goddess/divine marking things right? And not like, a really weird tattoo design, right?


I'm 36 seconds in, and already I think the protagonist dude is some sort of pussy.

Moving on…


That look on his face? It's totally the "I-wonder-what-its-like-to-bang-an-angel" face.

I’m ignoring most of the OP pictures, assuming they’ll only be familiar to fans. Song’s pretty nice I guess.


ASPLOSION! This is how Akira trashed Tokyo and Ozymandias trashed New York.

I shouldn’t be laughing, should I?


Best random stranger cameos ever.

At least, I THINK they’re random. Though, for a non-moving cameo, couldn’t they give the brown guy nicer lips?


"Once all the people on earth start to think they don't need anything from goddesses, then the very reason d'etre (lolwut) for goddesses to exist on earth will cease to be!"

Omg. Does this not imply that goddesses are responsible for bad things just so that humans will turn to them for help? FIGHT THE POWER!


Btw I love her keyboard’s diamond/rhombus keys.

Evil(?) Megami-sama is pretty cute though.

Don’t worry Evil(?) Megami-sama-chan, I still love you, even if you no longer have a reason to exist.


Oh lol it's a brown goddess.

Because goddesses are all about the equal opportunities. Why’s her hair white though? Too many Japanese read X-men and think that all black women have white hair?


"Now you're nice and clean, Mr Potato!"

Belldandy’s happiness from doing housework is like some anime-only thing. Only other person I’ve seen this happy hanging bedsheets to dry is Saki’s Fukuji Mihoko.


"Now you're nice and clean too, Mr Carrot!"

I’m starting to think I would actually watch a full episode of Belldandy washing vegetables. Then another episode of Belldandy apologising to the meat/fish/eggs for their early deaths or something. Omake: Belldandy goes on an exciting trip to the slaughterhouse.


No raining on my big day, Mr Rain Cloud!

Butbut Belldandy! Think of the potatoes, and the carrots, and the grass and the flowers and the trees who need that lifegiving rain you so selfishly stopped!


what is this i dont even

I assumed that there was some mechanic who happened to be a ventriloquist and was screwing around with Keiichi earlier. The thought didn’t cross my mind that Belldandy FREAKING ANIMATED THE TRAIN CARS.


Gasp! There's no way the puppets are an analogy for our protagonists, right?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Belldandy’s like some Yamagi Light-class chessmaster hiding under a happy innocent facade.


"They oughta be swapping spit and knockin boots by now!" ...knockin boots?..

So like, this girl’s not a demon or anything, right? Cause there was that goddess earlier on who was also brown and to imply that brown goddesses are demons is like all WHITE SUPREMACY and racist etc.


She’s probably a progressive radical liberal communist fighting for goddess rights or something. Hey politics ain’t my strong point kay.

And on to part 2. Thanks, WordPress.

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