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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2nd Season New Character Seiyuus Annouced

Well i stumbled upon this reading the lastest chapter of Kami nomi…..

Taken from Weekly Shonen Magazine, Scanned and TLed by RHS

My thoughts on the casting:

Koshimizu Ami as Kasuga Kusunoki: Well I actually expected Ami to be voicing Haqua but it seems that Kusunoki suits better as her voice suits tom-boyish and strong characters more.

Hayami Saori as Haqua: This casting to me seems a little bit strange as Saori does not have the tsun-tsun in her voice needed to voice Haqua but seeing as she is quite experienced, I hope she voices her well enough.

Toyosaki Aki as Nagase Jun: Completely unexpected casting for this character but Toyo-Aki’s voice suits her slightly air-headeded, optimistic and slightly overthinking personality. Personally i am going to enjoy this capture because of Aki-chan.^^

Asumi Kana as Kosaka Chihiro: Well as she was already casted in the first season this is not unexpected (unless u missed her voice which is blasphemy!!!haha) . As Chihiro is quite a plain character, nothing much can be asked from Kana-chan other than to use her cute voice to the fullest.

Overall seeing the cast for season 2, it seems that Kami nomi may be a multi-season show as already the 4 captures in season 1 already took 12 episodes and most of us know that there are many more to come so i think that 4 is the limit per season. Season 1 was quite good in showing the essence of the capture as it would have been impossible to cramp so much into a single episode for it to be one girl per episode which will essentially destroy the story. Sadly this means that the series would be dragged out but if it is done for the better, I have no qualms about it other than the wait. Kami nomi is an amazing series so I hope it does not disappoint.

So onward to Spring 2011!!!


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