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Koe de Oshigoto OVA (Part 2)

Click here if you’re looking for the review of the 2nd Koe de Oshigoto OVA.

Seriously, WordPress is fail. Either that or my reviews are too long.

Hey little sister, let's talk about how you totally came in front of everyone here.

… until Yayoi confronts her with her studio climax, that is.

Oddly enough, everyone, including the sound guy, seem pretty impressed with Kanna’s ‘special ability’.

And so, the episode ends with a heartwarming encouragement from Onee-chan: “Eroge voice acting might be your best-fit occupation after all.”

Don't you just love supportive older siblings who take a great interest in your future career?

On a side note, this was my exact reaction when I finally figured out why my post wasn’t showing. Goddamn WordPress has some character limit and I broke it. Hence the split posts.

Actually, although Azure-san says that he threw in the eroge-seiyuu plot just as an excuse to draw blushing girls, (and I quote, “I want to draw a figure where the girl is feeling embarrassed and becoming bright red! By the so-called man’s thingy!”) the manga does expand on the premise quite a bit, going into the world of eroge voice acting, with more depth than Genshiken’s doujinshi creation process.

Of course, no matter how you slice it, this is still an ecchi anime/manga. The plot could be as convoluted as Death Note but you’d still be here for the blushing, screaming girls.

Koe de Oshigoto! happens to be one of my guilty pleasures, up there with K-On! and Saki, and I’m looking forward to OVA 2. Just, while watching this, for heaven’s sake, be discreet about it.

Cute girls eating cake and “Miyanaga-san!” “Haramura-san!” may earn you some weird looks, but eroge voice acting is in a whole different league here…

At least she knows enough to use earphones.

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