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Koe de Oshigoto OVA (Part 1)


In case you can't make out the tagline, it reads: "female senior high school student do a blushing character voice story." Ufufufufu.

Warning: some screencaps are slightly nsfw.

In the words of Konno Azure, the mangaka of Koe de Oshigoto! (as taken and translated from the preface of the manga):

What is, say, a great talent of an eroge seiyuu?

(Anyone else getting Bioshock vibes from Azure-san’s opening lines? IS A SEIYUU NOT ENTITLED TO THE SWEAT OF HER BROW?)

Those tears in her eyes. She weeps for her royalties.

Is it voice quality?

Japanese girls all sound alike. Or so I heard. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Is it acting ability?

The four stages of seduction: Annoyance, Anger, Amusement...

But, the question was how to express such things in a manga.

Well, however, the direction didn’t go like that, and it wouldn’t have been good if she had an unreal and ridiculously great talent.

... PROFIT! (I can't think of a suitable word that begins with 'a') And no, the seiyuu isn't actually getting it on in the studio.

Then I came up with the idea,

“A girl who can c♥m using only her imagination.”


I intend to make her c♥m a lot more from now on…

Why u do dis, mangaka-saaan?!

A brief synopsis: Kanna is asked by her 28-year older sister Yayoi to help out at her game company. When she finds out that her Onee-chan wants to groom her to become a professional eroge seiyuu, she flees. But on the way home, she bumps into her mother, who tells her that Yayoi has been saving her own money for Kanna’s education. Suitably chastened/guilt-tripped, Kanna decides to give it a go.

Just as planned. TL Note: Keikaku means plan. Man that never gets old.

And so begins the story of 16-year old high-schooler Kanna Aoyagi and her foray into the dark, competitive, brutal world of ballet voice acting. (I can’t resist a small shout out to Black Swan. Anime adaptation by SHAFT please?)

Let’s face it, if you’re watching this, you’re not here for the plot. (Unless… no, really, you’re not here for the plot. Your average doujinshi probably has a stronger plot than this OVA.)

You’re here for the delicious goodness of a 16-year old embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

TL Note: Vagina, Penis. Kanna IS that sheltered.

That first step, that first taste of porn, is usually accidental and often exhilarating.

You could have been looking for Half Blood Prince spoilers but found bad slashfiction involving Harry and Snape. You could have been researching battle strategies and stumbled upon a pic of Misty getting double teamed (ha!) by Pikachu and friends.

But I doubt you had it so easy as to have an older sibling working in an eroge company happily passing you some sample product.

This is why 2D is superior. Not because of whatever troll logic Kami-nii-sama comes up with, but because you'll never have a cute meido waking you up with a blowjob in real life.

Kanna is understandably a little overwhelmed by these new sights and sounds.

But really, for a girl who's supposed to be naive and innocent, she's actually taking it pretty well.

That is, until she takes Fumika-senpai’s words to heart, and lets her imagination get carried away.

"No way!... I didn't even touch it and I almost came?"

Fumika Warasono is the veteran seiyuu who acts as Kanna’s mentor, teaching her all sorts of things, from getting into character to simulating the sound of a blowjob.

I know I don't have many screencaps of her assets, but I'm starting to refer to her mentally as "Fumika-san, of the lovely breasts."

Why Kanna has to practice on someone else’s finger is just troll logic.

This lucky bastard is Nagatoshi Hioki, the scenario writer.

She happens to refer to him as Onii-chan. Partly because Yayoi and Hioki were osananajimi, but mostly to satisfy the siscon demographic. Hey I calls it as I sees it.

Another case of 2D superiority: only 2D saliva can be this erotic.

The sweet thing about Kanna is that she tries. She really does. After a week or so of practice, she’s finally deemed ready for the recording. After a few screwups…

Let's just say I've heard mewling cats that sounded more arousing. in b4 a cat is fine too.

… she really gets into the mood, and her powers of imagination awaken.

I'm not sure how she visualises her butt though. It's not a body part you get to see often.

And she ends up having an orgasm simply from the power of her mind.

Words can't describe how erotic her scream is.

In the end, the recording is a success, and Kanna gets to relax for a while…

Click here for part 2 of the review. Effing WordPress.

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