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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 12 (TRUE END)

Ore no Imōto no Jinsei Sōdan ga Kore de Owaru Wake ga Nai -True Route-
“There’s No Way My Little Sister’s Life Counseling Can End Like This”

I must confess that even though the early release of the ONA was a pleasant surprise, it didn’t exactly return me to my broadcast season levels of euphoria.

Probably because I’ve been eagerly following the deconstruction, Faustian imagery, and general mindscrewiness of Madoka Magica, and a comedy, slice-of-life, moe anime can’t quite compare.

Then ClariS’s Irony began playing, and everything came back.

I’ll say it now: I love OreImo’s opening sequences. They’re not exactly flashy (Panty & Stocking comes to mind), neither is it sheer fanservice (Rio:Rainbow Gate!) but they change with each episode. And I appreciate the effort, even if the animators are merely taking short clips from past episodes.

I must have looped this segment at least seventeen times.

That, and the OP-exclusive material is usually fantastic.


Dear God, that skirtflip.

Anyway, enough with the opening sequence. The first half of the episode is no different from the GOOD END, what with Kanako being signed by some talent agency, Kyousuke angsting about the ‘new’ Kirino, and so on, right up to the midnight release of OniPan and CusImo.


Here, the plot diverges. Kyousuke happens to miss the last train.

Kyousuke lives in Chiba. The midnight release is at Akihabara. The distance between? Roughly 24-25 kilometres. He’d make it home in 6 hours if he walked. He could probably take a cab if he took a part-time job for 6 weeks. (I exaggerate, but Japan’s cab rates are murderous. That, and when the trains close, the rates get doubled. Monopoly power lesson 101.)

Cue a new character to save the day.

I've been trying to translate this. Mysterious Charon? Chariorna? Anyway, this is most probably Miura Genosuke, the President of the Videogame Research club.

Mr Mysterious Otaku lends Kyousuke his bike, while he remains behind at Akihabara to enjoy his newly purchased OniPan goodness.


True otaku who play their eroge on the street deserve our recognition and praise.

In the meantime, as seen in the GOOD END, Kirino and Kuroneko are discussing the finer points of “Nii-san” as a term of address.


Eventually, Kyousuke makes it home, and again, just as in the GOOD END, Kirino invites him to play OniPan with her.

One curious observation I’ve made:
Kirino’s last save file has a playtime of 5 hours and 24 minutes. Kyousuke’s phone showed that it was 1:05 AM when he was back at Akihabara. Sunrise in Japan is about 6:15-6:30 AM. It sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s sunrise outside. And remember that the distance between Akihabara and Chiba is at least 24 kilometres.

Conclusion: Either Kyousuke just set a new land speed record (screw bicycles, he’s in the league of jet engine propulsion) or he’s got latent reality-warping abilities. Which could possibly account for why so many cute girls are drawn to him?

Anyway, the episode plays out the same way, with Kirino wanting to prolong her time together with her Aniki by showing him “something embarassing that [she] couldn’t show him that [last] time.”

Scat Sisters. TL note: Scat means... go find out for yourself.

But no, just kidding, Kirino doesn’t actually get off to that. As far as we know.


Because Kyousuke is understandably freaked out by above pictured eroge, he declines to take a look at what Kirino wants to show him, which, due to Kirino’s tsundere nature, results in her showing him her report cards anyway and how she’s been working hard to improve her physical education grades.

When she’s done…

Kyousuke: So? Is that it? Your final life counseling?
Kirino: Yeah…
Kyousuke: I didn’t do anything, though…
Kirino: That’s fine. I feel a lot better now.
Kyousuke: Really? Then good night.
Kirino: Yeah. See you, Aniki.

… which very nicely leads to…

That's right Kyousuke, you blew it. No wincest route for you.

Kirino does fly off to America after all, and if you hadn’t seen the GOOD END, or read about it somewhere, it would really have been quite a shock.


Still, as the new school year starts, Kyousuke finds that there’s one more surprise in store:

I love the way she tilts her head. It's Ruri's classy counter to Kirino's headbounce.

Final Impressions:


Like much of the OreImo fanbase, I found myself rooting more for Ruri than for Kirino over the course of the original broadcast season. Mostly due to episodes 9 ( in which we see her taking care of her adorable sister) and 11 (who could ever forget that “You don’t need to hold back, Nii-san.”)

But lately, after reading the manga and playing the PSP game, I’ve started to support Kirino again. I think it’s because Kirino is sort of the more sympathetic character. No, seriously. Because no matter how she tries or changes herself, she’s still going to be Kyousuke’s sister, which means that she can never end up with him, not without the social stigma such a relationship would cause.

I guess I’ll have to try to enjoy the remaining 3 ONAs, which, going by the light novels, will feature much Kyousuke-Ruri shipping moments.

Of course, personally, regardless of how cute Ruri is, or how rich/ojou Saori is, or how normal Manami is, or how tsundere Kirino is, I’ve already made up my mind…

Dat rapeface.

  1. all-round anime lover
    February 28, 2011 at 12:27 am

    That person who helped Kyousuke is “the mysterious ita-bike owner”. Chari is a slang word for bike in Japanese — chari is a word for the sound of ringing the alarm bell of a bike. Ita- is the otaku word for decorating an item with pictures of anime on its surface. So there is itasha 痛車 for motor car and itachari is for bike. An image of a real ita-chari can be found here. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%82%A4%E3%83%AB:WikipeTan_ITACHARI.jpg

    • johnnyyandere
      February 28, 2011 at 4:17 am

      … slang words. Well, you learn something new every day.

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