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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne – 08 : Uncensored Nipples Action~!

No effort required to win over Shuusuke's attention.

Shuusuke failed all his subjects in school (No thanks to MISTER X) and it is time for Kondou Sensei to give him a private lesson in . . .  his . . . Room!

No rival, no competition from Peta-Nao and Peta-Iroha.

Iroha and Nao were no match for this weapon of mass destruction.

Do I see a Tomoki look alike?

Even Ero Grandmaster Shuusuke succumbed to its unrivaled presence.

( ̄ヘ ̄) ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Much to the distaste of the “side characters” this week. I assure you plenty of nipples action after the jump.

Even in ORZ, Shuusuke never falters over peeking.

I could’nt be bothered to screen shot the animal mascot characters anymore, as usual, the mascot censor usually takes up half the screen.

Even Shuusuke's mum is delighted to be relief of the worry that he might end up as a 40 year old virgin.

Best Mum Award! Shedding a tear of relief when Kondou and Iroha dropped by Shuusuke’s room to commence Operation “Dog Trainer” and Operation “Viagra Doper” respectively.

Ec-Chi-Rangers 誘う登場

Their hypocritical laughter when they welcomed each another in Shuusuke’s room  is full of win.

Star Sword! Amethyst!

Best Mum Award Reason 2.

Angelic Kondou!

Kondou’s expression towards Shuusuke, VS

Not so angelic Kondou.

Her expression against Iroha and Nao, ROFL. Born winner.

Shuusuke's version of Pythagoras' theorem.

Nao knows her brother very well. She knows that he is not attracted to blatant panty shots, (technique overused by Iroha) but by perfectly calculated shots where the panty is about to be shown but remain hidden. Seriously? Such a fetish? No wonder he has undying love for Kondou’s black stockings.


This reaction is not caused by her lost to Nao’s skirt flipping technique, but by whats coming next…

Seed Mode Activated.

thats right, Shuusuke’s ultimate technique honed over the years living with Nao, the humanised DSLR 4 FPS HD image capturing mode, a record 16 shots in a matter of seconds.

Iroha's homemade essence.

Refusing to lose, Iroha attempted to force a hard-on on Shuusuke with her homemade viagra (presented as a sportsdrink), tactfully noticed by Nao who fought hard to defend the virginity of her brother.

Even when KOed, Shuusuke never falter to peek.

And as expected, the viagra was served to…


Kondou’s stockings.  ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

A teary Kondou is a very destructive weapon.

Sore losers.

Teresa of the faint smile.

An overwhelming victory for Kondou Mayuka.

And thus ended the great battle over Shuusuke’s attention.

The next part of the anime, extreme uncensored nipples exposure, severely NSFW.


Kondou is totally dominating Shuusuke's hallucination.

Will she be wearing black stockings in the pool?

KuroStocking -> Evolution -> ShiroTenshi

Basically, Kondou exclaimed that she isn’t use to seeing “real” naked boys and became extremely infatuated with Shuusuke’s body, especially his nipples. ROFL.


The way Kondou described Shuusuke’s nipples was hilarious:

“I can’t take my eyes off Takanashi-kun’s nipples anymore! Why are they so beautifully pink!”

A hyper aroused Kondou.

Reminds me of Sora no Otoshimono Forte's 1st OP.

High Definition Nipple with sparkling effect.

Shuusuke's fantasy continues.

Shuusuke: “Would Kondou force me to strip totally naked?”

The blissful truth.

What’s going to happen next totally made my day. Rough summary: Shuusuke teaches Kondou how to swim. No comments needed. Period.

Shuusuke: Now... try submerging under water.

Held her breath for a record breaking 103 seconds.

Shuusuke: I'm gonna let go of your hands now, swim and reach me.


Shuusuke: Swim towards me and reach out!


Kondou turned her head, her hair whipping against Shuusuke's chikubi.

*Shrieks in pleasure.*

I bet she did it on purpose.

Blowing crashed ice.


*Moans of pleasure.*

And I thought I’m finally spared from Shuusuke’s nipples. . .

No thanks to her.

We are once again dealing with a KOed Shuusuke and his hallucination.

BDSM Action, just the way Shuusuke likes it.


We all know who's coming.

The BLs Shuusuke has been reading sure have an adverse effect.

Shuusuke is definitely developing hidden feelings for AGE Leader. This ain’t the first time he appeared in Shuusuke’s fantasy world. I ROFLed at the part where Shuusuke said that if this daydream don’t end soon, leader is gonna kiss him again. LOL!

Kondou's modified version of cardiac massage.

It's really just another reason for Kondou to indulge in her fascination.

Kondou is thoroughly enjoying herself. Check out how elastic Shuusuke’s chikubis ah.

(-----.---) (---.-----)

Their expressions, priceless.

Cat fights never end do they? Déjà vu?

Exactly the same posture during the beach episode.


trollface.jpg - Its a BL Order Checklist.

Look forward to more chikubi pulling action!

Next episode, it’s SUMMER time! Festival! Fireworks! Yukata! O.O Iroha in a ponytail looks so weird.

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