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Freezing – 08 : Satellizer Strip Show!

ohhhh Rana... you playgirl!! (-.-)>

(-_^)-* Cya at my room tonight~

(#`^') _|_

ye know... the title aint for nothing man.

OK, I guess this is anime-only material. I have only read the manga until chapter 50 and nothing like this happened. This episode replaced the chapter where Aoi went out on a date with Satellizer, in which they had an eating competition and foster their innocent relationship. The producers are probably trying to sell this series with overwhelming fanservice material, not that I am complaining.

Anyway, this episode broadcasted the annual tradition of genetics, the pandora queen beauty contest. The episode started with Aoi recovering from his lack of action the previous episode, if you recall, taken out in one chop by Arnette. He apologised for blacking out before he could prevent the fight. However, Satellizer remained angry that Aoi is getting himself into danger for no reason (Cmon! Everyone knows it is for her sake! Which Rana promptly pointed out). As their relationship slightly soured, Rana took the chance to further tempt Aoi to baptise with her (playfully), in which, he loyally declined. Satela witnessed the scene where Rana hit on Aoi, got pissed (obviously), and ordered him to meet her in her room as her ball partner for the night, in which Aoi barked in agreement.

As usual, more fanservice scenes were served to us as Satellizer fell and gave Aoi a full feel of her rack in her room. Attia Simmons showed up and declared to have a competition, this time, not a pandora fight but a pandora beauty contest challenge. Attia challenged Satellizer to take part in the contest and emerge as its queen.

Despite Satellizer’s unwillingness to take part in such a contest, her love for Aoi pushed her to do so. We were then treated to the wide array of costume-uped pandoras introduced in the series. Kannazuki Miyabi in her slutty night gown, Ganessa Roland in her BDSM costume, Rana Linchen in her delicious Chinese costume, Attia Simmons in her kiddy frilly dress, trendy Elizabeth Mably and lastly, a well chosen elegant white dress for our main heroine, Satellizer L. Bridget.

Before the results were revealed, we see Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl talking to Kim Yumi Sensei and Sister Margaret that happy days like this are coming to an end. Satellizer also tried to engage Aoi to bring their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately for Aoi, her progress was hindered by the announcement of the pandora queen contest result.

5th) Miyabi Kannazuki (Disqualified for messing with vote counts)

5th) Ganessa Roland (Not as happy as Arthur)

4th) Rana Linchen (Rapidly rubbed her face against Aoi’s chest to express delight while attempting to seduce)

3rd) Attia Simmons (*´Д`)ハァハァ

2nd) Elizabeth Mably ( ̄ー ̄)

1st) Satellizer L. Bridget (`・ω・´)

Naturally, Satellizer won the contest. However, the happy ending will have to wait as Attia Simmons pulled an immature prank on her, making her wear an over-revealing dress which will gradually become transparent under light. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Missing out on his usual saving the day antic the last episode, Aoi Kazuya unleashed his largest freezing field yet, freezing everyone in the venue and attending to Satellizer’s plea for help. A happy ending for the couple!


Definitely the “calm before the storm” episode. This episode also gave the producers a chance to “recycle” the defeated characters. Having read the manga, the introduction of Cassie Lockheart (Voiced by Kugimiya Rie), ranked 1st and nicknamed “Godspeed” in east genetics for her famed quadruple accel and preview screenshots of Nova is hinting that the series is finally reaching its climax. Be prepared for a darker plot packed with lots of fighting actions (inclusive of pewpew lasers), blood, gore and based on what the producers are doing, extravagant fanservices!


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