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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 08

Well its been a week since the sort of cliffhanger ending the previous episode, so finally its time for Madoka and hell what an episode this was with developments and surprises that can even rival what happened in episode 03.

Artist: Fujima Takuya with help from Tanaka Kentaro

The episode starts off where the previous one left off where Miki is still brutalizing the witch to death with Kyoko and Madoka looking on at the devastation. Miki continues her relentless attack till she succeeds in destroying the witch. After the augmented witch reality fades, Miki, seemingly exhausted, leaves with the help of Madoka.

In the next scene, Madoka tries to dissuade Miki from fighting recklessly like she did before but Miki rejects it as she is admant on her style of fighting due to her belief that it is her only way of ‘winning’.

T_T lets emo together!!

Her reasoning is that she is just a ‘rock’, referring to her Soul Gem, that is good for killing witches which shows her level of despair at her current situation. Madoka tries to improve the situation by offering to help, in which Miki asks her to be of help by fighting. She explains that why she wants Madoka to fight is because of what Kyube had said of Madoka’s potential and showing a pinch of envy at Madoka in the end.

Whats so great about you?

Miki then proceeds to admonish Madoka regarding her current hypocritical behavior of just talking but not taking any action before leaving. But as she is running away, Miki shows how confused and messed up a state she is in by regretting her previous actions almost immediately. They then proceed to show her Soul Gem darkening, revealing how dire the situation is.

Next is a meeting between Homura and Kyoko regarding the Walpurgis Night. From their converstation, it seems that the Walpurgis is someone not some sort of even as we previously thought. Kyube suddenly appears in the middle of their converstation, in which Kyoko reacts hostilely to his appearance.

Eat my spear wabbit!!

He then offers some information to them, stating that Miki’s exhaustion is increasing exponentially from using magic and a curse she is casting on herself, which may cause something terrible to happen even before the Walpurgis Night arrives. Kyube reveals that information as a warning and hints that Homura would know what would happen.

The next scene if that of Shizuki and Kamijou-kun having a sort-of  ‘afterschool date’. While that occurs, Madoka is frantically searching for Miki who has apparently disappeared but who is in actual fact stalking the “couple”. Seeing them Happily together, Miki slowly falls deeper into her own despair.

Zetsubou Miki

She then vents her frustration in the next scene by fighting and destroying another witch/familiar. Her actions and feelings slowly corrupt her Soul Gem even further. Then suddenly, Homura appears to warn her that her actions are putting her Gem at risk and that she should focus more on the witches and less on other stuff. Homura proceeds to offer a Grief Seed to help Miki purify her Soul Gem but is rejected instantly by her.

Miki’s reaction is due to her belief that Homura is plotting something and states that she wants to be a different Mahou Shoujo than the rest of them.

"I'll be the King of the new World"

She continues to reject Homura’s offers of assistance, believing her delusion that everyone is doing good deeds in order to get back something in return. Homura proceeds to affirm Miki’s beliefs partially saying that she what she is doing is not for herself but for Madoka, as she does not want her to see her good friend destroy herself. She then offers Miki and ultimatum, in which if she does not accept, Homura will kill her immediately.

Join me...or die!!!

But before they could do anything more, Kyoko interrupts and restrains Homura, allowing Miki to escape. After Miki successfully escapes, Kyoko questions Homura regarding her current actions, but before anything could be said further, Homura uses, you better believe it, a FLASHBANG(LOL), to stun Kyoko and escape her grasp.

After the CM break, the next scene is of Miki sulking in a train carriage while eavesdropping on two other guys complaining about a certain woman in the background. After hearing most of their converstation, she goes to them to question them regarding their actions and in the ensuing converstation, falls even deeper into despair and at this point it is too late for her already and she gets consumed by the darkness in her.

Dark Miki

The scene then jumps to Madoka who, on the search for Miki, bumps into Kyube where she asks some questions regarding herself if she became a Mahou Shoujo in which Kyube informs her that she would become an extraordinarily powerful one if she made the contract. Hearing that, Madoka proceeds to regret her actions, saying that if she had become a Mahou Shoujo, Miki would not have become one, but Kyube reassures her that it had nothing to do with her as Miki already had a wish to be granted.

They then proceed to discuss Madoka’s ‘power’, in which the converstation ended with Kyube saying that he could make Madoka into God. To that answer Madoka offers a question of which she asks if it was possible to help Miki if she was really that powerful in which Kyube states that it would be easy for her to do that. At this point it seems that Kyube has Madoka ready to form a contract with him but before Madoka could finish asking it, Kyube is suddenly riddled full of  holes!

Kyube Swiss Cheese

It seems the culprit behind this attack is Homura who using a pistol(woot?) to shoot Kyube. With Kyube incapacitated, Homura tries to talk some sense into Madoka but it proves to be useless with Madoka running off to continue her serach.

Kyube then reappears again, stating that Homura cannot kill him as he has many bodies. He then infers from his experiences of Homura’s attacks on him that she used time-manipulating attacks on him and reveals that Homura is from a different timeline in which she does not dispute. Homura states that she knows the truth about Kyube and what is he planning to do. It seems that she is trying to change Madoka’s fate by interfering with Kyube’s plan and she also reveals that “INCUBATOR” is the true name of Kyube.

The last scene shows Miki sitting in the trainstation, apparently downcast and is found by Kyoko. Miki then starts to ramble on about her actions, showing how much has she lost her mind already, ending with her proclaiming that her idiocy following which her Soul Gem breaks and turns into a Grief Seed, turning her into a witch.

Soul Gem Breaks!!

The episode ends with Kyube confirming part of his now ‘evil’ plan, stating that the reason of the Shoujo in Mahou Shoujo is the meaning of Shoujo which means girls that have not grown up which with his reasoning, is fitting for them as they will grow into witches.

Now you really can't take me for granted any more^^


Overall i feel that this was a incredible episode filled with tons of revelations and development with the part of Homura not being from the current time line and the truth about Kyube being the most major ones. It seems that the show is getting darker with each episode and I get the feeling that there is more to come. I have already suspected that Kyube is not as good as we think he is after the part in which he stores the Grief seeds and this episode confirms my belief. From what was revealed this episode, I think that Kyube is using the premise of wishes to lure unsuspecting young girls into forming contracts with him, in turn producing more witches if they fail, then he uses more Mahou Shoujo to dispatch those witches who produce Grief Seeds in which he then stores those seeds of despair for something sinisters. The revelation regarding Homura throws more speculation on her true identity as well, so it will not be unexpected that later she is revealed to be Madoka’s descendant or relative. Well that is what one of the few possibilities I have thought about, but seeing how this show is going and how crazy and superb Urobuchi Gen’s script writing is, I may or may not be correct, so only time will tell.


  1. Myssa
    February 28, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    From the latest Megami magazine:

    Yes, the studio seems to LOVE playing with the fans, as this pic will definitely fuel some speculation.

    • archyver
      February 28, 2011 at 11:07 pm

      haha thats quite true…. hopefully they wont disappoint us or pull a fast one….^^

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