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Pokemon Best Wishes: Airhead Ding Dong Tiem

In Episode 13, we are introduced to another character who is actually a mainstay in the game itself, being one of the protagonist’s main rival.

Belle, dazzling the stage!

She’s a complete klutz, with a seemingly infinite Bag of Holding (Geek fact: A bag of holding is a fictional magical item in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, capable of containing objects larger than its own size), judging by the fact that she digs through it several times during the episode trying to find a particular item.

Belle (Bianca in the Jap ver. of the game) was sent by Professor Juniper (Araragi) to deliver Ash’s badge case.

She may seem ditzy and all, but apparently she’s a damn good trainer (well, better than Ash) since she said that she has two badges while only having one pokemon (Chaboo, evolved form of Pokabu).

The important point is, she’s voiced by Itou Shizuka! Yay~

courtesy of MAL

Her other role this season is Hildegarde from Beelzebub.

Yet another reason to watch Pokemon. Hopefully she appears more.


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