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Kimi ni Todoke S2E06 – Affection and Annoyance

Sawako just can’t stop her tears as both of their misunderstandings deepen as Sawako continues to degrade herself with her unconfident psychological ego that constantly deprives her from reaching her true feelings..

and enter the 3 who would start spreading the rumors around..

Kazehaya (angry)?  Flamboyant dude?  Sadako!! (crying)

Kazehaya makes a pretty direct confession to Sawako.. only to let Sawako overthink and misinterpret it again..


and so Kazehaya bring the nice guy he is, tells Sawako to take his ‘like’ to mean it as a friend..

Sawako wishes to clarify herself and chases after Kazehaya..

..and Kent is left thinking.. *Crap..!! I screwed up!!* ~done something unnecessary..~


and she suddenly starts apologising to Kazehaya.. for looking out for her.. for causing him trouble..

‘So you think Miura does what he does out of affection, but I find what I do troublesome? …I did it because I like you. Do you like me?’

Sawako sinks back into her misunderstanding.. giving Kazehaya the wrong idea again..

Kazehaya: ‘But your like is different from mine..’   Sawako: ‘Yea..*tears roll down her cheeks again*’   and Kazehaya walks off, with their misunderstanding of their definition of their depth of their ‘like’..

..and she breaks down crying uncontrollably..

..and both of them skipped the rest of the classes..

..comedy scene START!!

..and Pin gets knocked away..

The root of all problems.

Chizu: ‘That’s just wrong.. You don’t think that we care for you just because we’re friends do you?’

‘I didn’t think of that..! Is.. is that true..?’

‘You still have us! How long do you plan on putting yourself down?’

*Yea.. She’s been put down and avoided for so long that she thinks it’s normal.. She’s really just a nice girl.*

Yano: ‘At first we thought you were gloomy and strange too.. but now we know how nice and cute you are.. We love you. We’re able to feel this way cuz you were brave enough to tell us.. There’s nothing different about you, us or Kazehaya. You just need to believe that.’

Lol. Way to snap and regret, Chizu.

..Have I made a mistake?

..Have I been trying my best with Kazehaya until now..? What about now..? Am I trying my best..?

Next ep.. Just give up.

  1. February 22, 2011 at 6:20 am

    HOORAY! At last KNT’s approaching the climax that everyone’s been waiting for. I’m dying for the next episode ><

    • doodler
      February 22, 2011 at 12:54 pm

      *doodler likes your post*

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