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Freezing – 07 : The Rape of Satellizer L. Bridget

This smooth silkY white skin...

These delicious thighs...

You belong to me... Satela onee sama...

please... stop it *sobs... T.T


Firstly, a barrage of pictures… enjoy~

Then… a summary:

Rana realised she got tricked by Atia as Aoi explained that he chose to become Satela’s limiter by his own will. That was when Atia showed up and blame Aoi for ruining the perfect stage which was having Satela and Rana defeat each other. Arnette and Cleo were introduced formally as the 4th and 5th ranked pandoras among the third years. Before Aoi could do anything to prevent the ill-fated battle, he was taken out by Arnette swiftly. Upon the fall of Aoi, Satela and Rana team up together to fight against the high ranking third years. Arnette unleashed her volt weapon, Scythe Machina, coupled with her famed accel attacks which gave her the nickname of cruel trickster, was shown to be on a much higher level than Satela’s Double Accel, making her previously powerful double accel looks like some sort of child’s play, landing slashes which Satela was unable to catch, and subduing her. Annette then demanded Satela to beg for forgiveness, in which she rejected, resulting in Annette cruelly slashing Satela’s throat, causing a massive blood splurge. Atia mercilessly demanded to remove and destroy Satela’s Stigmas.

Laying in a pool of blood, Satela had a flash back to her childhood nightmares where she was introduced to the L. Bridget Household, physically and sexually abused by her younger half brother, Louis, all for the sake of her very sickly mother, Noelle, who was very much depending on L. Bridget’s wealth for her treatment, thus neglecting her daughter’s pleas for help. Thankfully, Satela was saved by her elder half sister, Violet, who witness a scene which seemed like Satela was about to get raped, slapping Louis and sending Satela to Genetics to protect her. It was only when Noelle was at her deathbed, did she apologise for all the grief she made Satela endured throughout her childhood, leaving Satela with her last words, to stand strong and live freely, never to be subjugated by anyone.

That was the turning tide, where Satela unconsciously, through sheer willpower, stood up, and according to Rana, opened her Holy Gate to recover her body damage and overwhelmingly overpower Annette with a Triple Accel.

Meanwhile, Rana had her share of pain via Cleo’s volt weapon, Infinity Fang. At first, Cleo showed her superiority in both speed and power, which earned her the nickname iron lightning hammer. Via her tempest turn, bashing Rana from 3 directions, easily making Rana bite the dust. Similar to Satela, Rana refuse to lie in defeat, unleashing her holy gate, producing 4 tempest clones that outnumbered Cleo’s and burning fanged Cleo to defeat. In shock and awe, Atia decided it was time to take matters in her own hands, however, Arnette and Cleo were too proud to lose, asking her not to interfere. Before the fight to the death could continue, President Chiffon and her assistant Ticy, formally introduced as the undisputed ranking no.1 and no.3, (Elizabeth, the mastermind behind Satela’s purge, is ranked no. 2), showed up to prevent anymore bloodshed. Arnette, refusing the presidential orders, was instantly taken out in one hit by the legendary Illusion turn of President Chiffon. The battle effectively ended and at the last scene, we have President Chiffon talking sense into Elizabeth to stop pestering Satela.

Next episode, we have a DATEEEEETO.


After watching this episode, I was too intrigued by Satela’s past, and like most people watching freezing, have the deep desire to spoil myself, DID SATELA GET RAPED BY HER OWN HALF BROTHER? The answer is actually no. It seems that Satela was totally mindfucked by Louis, to the extent where she did not care whether Louis rape her or not, she said it in a way like:
“Louis… just do what you want, just rape me already.”

I WAS TOTALLY FUCKED WHEN I SAW THAT. Thankfully, Louis had some humane values in him, slapping Satela, telling her that incest is wrong. It was also revealed that Louis actually truely love Satela, but because of them sharing the same blood, was unable to truely obtain Satela for himself, hence, unable to control his own emotions and desire, started abusing her and making sure that no other men gets her.

After reading the manga, I also realise that it has much lesser boobs exposure than the anime. And in Pandora mode, they have this wicked cool looking armour, which seems to be totally absent in this anime. Well… Boobs more than made up for that I guess.. heh.

  1. June 7, 2011 at 4:59 am

    So that’s why Louis slapped her! I Thought he was just pissed that she stopped putting up a fight and that’s what he’d wanted, her to fight.

  2. March 27, 2013 at 9:44 am

    thanks. i thought she got raped by her brother

  3. ojo
    May 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    really ?? she still virgin, thanks for the info,, i am just curious…i just think she just get rape by her brother and become his sex toy.. if you lie to me, i’ll kiss u… lol

  4. Jonathan
    June 6, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Thank for the info. I was like confused when I watched episode seven

  5. October 9, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    thanks for the post i was almost gone crazy from that thought

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