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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 07

Its Friday at last and after such a big revelation in the previous episode, its time to see what effects it had on Madoka and co. and did this episode not disappoint….

Artist: Tensugi Takashi

The episode picks off slightly after where the previous one ended with Miki questioning Kyube regarding the revelation, saying that she feels she has been “tricked” into becoming a Mahou Shoujo. This proves slightly that sometimes it is better not knowing the whole truth as it is sometimes not what it seems. Kyube reveals that even Mami did not know it and that it was not necessary to reveal it as it was of no consequence to him anyway. He sticks to his decision of transferring their Souls into the Soul Gems as the correct choice due to a myriad of reasons and proves to Miki the benefits of it by giving a “practical” example.

Feel the PAIN!!!

In the next scene, Miki is absent from school so Madoka goes to Homura to discuss what has happened. Homura reveals that Kyube is so detached about what he has done as he feels that it is the right thing and that human values do not mean anything to him as it is just a means to an end which is the granting the wish and perform a miracle in exchange for the services to get rid of Witches. Homura also proceeds to repeat her previous plea to give up on Miki.

Next they show Kyoko inviting Miki out for a walk as a show of solidarity and to discuss the recent events. Kyoko proceeds to divulge that she is okay with what has been revealed as she is grateful of what it had enabled her to do. They then proceed to a dilapidated church to hold the rest of their discussion and what happens next nearly caused the peaceful meeting to turn violent when Miki rejects Kyoko’s offer of food by throwing it away which in turn enrages Kyoko.


It seems that her reaction was due to her past experiences in which Kyoko proceeds to explain in the following scenes where she reveals her past and how she became a Mahou Shoujo. This was one of the enjoyable scenes of the show as the flashback scenes where animated with the typical SHAFT-ty uniqueness which is a joy to watch. From what was revealed, it can be deduced that Kyoko was a victim of a sometimes you do not get what you actually wish for type of situation as her wish caused more problems than it did good for her family. This explains Kyoko’s independent and slightly selfish attitude as now she is using her Magic for herself instead of for others. She then tries to convince Miki to live for herself a little and learn from her ‘mistake’ of becoming a Mahou Shoujo but is completely rejected by Miki as their belief are complete opposites.

In the next scene Madoka, Miki and Hitomi discover that Kamijou-kun is finally able to go to school due to his recovery but Miki has some mixed feelings about it and does not dare to approach him.

Hitomi then meets Miki for a little talk in which she drops a BOMB of a revelation in which she says that she has been in love with Kamijou-kun for a very long time and that she has noticed that Miki stares at him even more than her. She then states that as she has been good friends with Miki for such a long time, she does not want to ‘steal’ what is her friends’ so she gives Miki sort of an ultimatum with regards to Kamijou-kun. This meeting leaves Miki shocked beyond belief and at odds with her true feelings.

The night immediately after that, Miki proceeds on her witch hunt but before she leaves her apartment she bumps into Madoka and pours her feelings and regrets out to her with regards to her thoughts after Hitomi’s revelation.

Miki's turn to be emo

The episode then ends with a climatic witch battle in where SHAFT adds their trademark style to which is a joy to watch.

Miki vs the "Hydra"

Miki seems to be okay fighting the witch at the start but gets overpowered at one point requiring the intervention of Kyoko to be saved. She then shrugs off Kyoko’s offer to help and proceeds to re-engage the witch. She comes close to dying many times during the encounter but manages to close in on the witch and pin it down where she then proceeds to brutalize it and what she says and does shows that she has finally gone off the deep end due to what has happened and her conflicting thoughts.

Miki the Berserker

Overall this episode was slightly uneventful but had tons of revelations regarding both the Mahou Shoujo and the supporting characters. The last few scenes i feel serve to be the stepping stones on Miki’s fall into madness and i think that she may ‘break’ in the next episode or so. Its already the seventh episode and Madoka has not become a Mahou Shoujo yet, so this maybe one of the factors in which she becomes one, but seeing what has happened, it is taking a lot just for her to decide to become one so I won’t be suprised if more interesting developments occur.

On another note, the manga of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has just been released last week but the interesting thing i stumbled upon is that there are 2 more stories being serialized in the Manga Time Kirara Foward comic magazine with one called Mahou Shoujo Kazumi Magica and the other Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica. The first is a side story and the other is an alternate story and i feel that both would be quite an interesting read seeing how the anime is going.

I’ve just read Kazumi Magica’s first chapter and it really is very interesting with unique art so I highly recommend it for fans of this series and I can’t wait for Oriko Magica><.


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