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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne – 06 : Panty & Stockings Fetish, Boys Love Ending.

Another BL collectable Getto!

Another pantystocking peek Getto!

Seems like a win-win relationship between Kondo and Shuusuke. SPOILER ALERT FOR LAST SCREENSHOT!

Always updated to her brother's newest fetish.

And here we have Nao, best younger sister ever. Always ready to trigger the monster inside Shuusuke by attacking his weakness, which happens to be black stockings this week. (All thanks to Kondo)

Best younger sister award!

Thinking about it… Nao is actually quite the copycat, be her target Kondo or Shizuru or Shuusuke’s Unlimited Ero Works.

Technically there are 4 main girls in this anime, the fourth being Shizuru-chan, Shuusuke's dream imouto.

The feeling of stockings rubbing against his face is illustrated sumptuously in his dream.

Shuusuke's inner monster unveiled.

Shuusuke’s dream is so concrete that he started licking Nao’s foot.

Iroha wants a piece of Shuusuke too.

Iroha conducted her self introduction to Shuusuke’ mum, and joined the orgy on Shuusuke’s bed.

Oh damn you Shuusuke, as if one Shizuru is'nt enough. Check out that blissful face of his.

And as expected of dreammaster Shuusuke, reality physical touches greatly boosted the ero level of his dream.

Nao's latest facial distortion added to the collection.

Kondo arrived just in time to see the members of Shuusuke’s Harem circle.

Iroha will do anything and everything for Shuusuke.

Iroha is the obvious winner. Twintail.. Blond.. Voiced by Inoue Marina… CMON WE HAVE A WINNER.

The stare of utter disgust.

This is a harem.

Let us help you change your clothes~!~


Bringing her dog to the classroom.


Being the class rep and Shuusuke’s classmate, Kondo obviously have the advantage, which she promptly made use of to gain sole possession of Shunsuke.


Read BL or Die.

Two episodes of training was sufficient to get Shuusuke to become immune to buying BL materials for fangirl Kondo. But now, Kondo wants to train her dog to accept BL in whole!

Activate Chaos Head Musou Mode.

The ultimate method to accept the otherwise unacceptable: Self Hynotism.

The sole MOST DISTURBING screenshot of this series yet.

LOL! Roses have THORNS don’t they? LOL!

The ULTIMATE facial distortion! in Black and White for the ultimate impact.

The look Shuusuke had on his face after reading Kondo’s BL material.

Spoiler Alert!


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