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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka – 06: The Most Powerful Magiclad Girl

Is this epic or what?

This outfit is so cute and awesome that I will overlook the fact that there’s no real reason why she should transform into a Magiclad Girl, if only for the epic win and fan service. Perhaps it is one way to signify how determined Eu is to protect Ayumu and company. As mentioned in the earlier episodes, Eu wears armor and remains emotionless and mute to restrain her latent magical powers. Eu involuntarily leaks magical power if it isn’t contained by the armor, and her words are infused with magic, which could lead to dire consequences if she were to be careless with how she carries herself.


As Ayumu is facing a potentially life-threatening enemy, Eu feels the need to make use of her immense powers to protect them, hence speaking for probably the first time (minus the mousou-mode Ayumu delusions where he fantasizes Eu in a galge setting), reciting the incantation to transform herself into a Magiclad Girl.

No need for the notepad when in super-power mode!

It’s an excellent way to depict how the latent magical energy running forth from Eu is powerful enough to inscribe words onto the ground as a warning to Ayumu. You don’t carry a whiteboard/notepad when in battle do you?


You just don't see these kinds of Limit Breaks anymore.

Kyoko removes her body limiters, such that she can increase the potency of her magic attacks. It’s rather disturbing to see skin, flesh and bone disintegrate from a super-charged attack. But Kyoko is able to attack with such reckless abandon as she has many more lives to spare, no thanks to her killing of other people to increase the number of lives she has. Her efforts are seemingly futile, however, as Eu deflects her attacks without even a flinch.



Now, what did the tree ever do to deserve that?

Behold the destructive power of Eu’s words. A single utterance sends a wave of death crashing through Kyoko’s body, and she crumples into an untidy heap. Not even the tree is spared. But seconds later, Kyoko is up and running again, using a new life she had gathered from killing another person. Eu says the word “DIE” again, and Kyoko readily obliges. Rinse. Repeat. Around 10 times.


Chut up! Chut up! Chut up!

I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to counter the power word. All Kyoko needed was to die 10 times. Normal folk like us do not have such luxuries. Normal folk like us don’t really poke out our eardrums to make one shut up. Some aircraft-grade noise-cancelling headphones would’ve been handy at that point of time.


Magic at full power drains the colour from your world.

What happens when you step on the 1500 Megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button.

Now really, what did that tree EVER do to deserve that?!

With hearing out of the way, Eu can’t do nuts to Kyoko. Grabbing this opportunity, Kyoko presses LP + LP + –> + LK + HP, moves towards Eu and unleashes her Super Desperation Move, SHUN GOKU SATSU. Eu is utterly defeated, which makes one think, surely she could’ve used some other kind of magic to counter that? But if she did, then Ayumu, Seraphim and Haruna wouldn’t have any screen time at all! They are acutely aware of this, and launch a tri-pronged attack on Kyoko, who brushed them off as easily as Eu did to her.




It’s hard to fight in a 3-to-1 situation, let alone when your eardrums are busted, so Kyoko autokills herself and respawns, becoming good as new! Very much likened to Volt Texture in Freezing haha. Surely her reincarnation counter must be dwindling fast.


You just cannot take this male Magiclad Girl seriously.

Imagine Breaker! Hey wait, wrong anime...

Is this the precursor to a Nice Boat moment? Hey wait, wro...

Seraphim tells Ayumu that it’s about time to take things seriously, and transform into a Magiclad Girl (srsly?) He hesitantly obliges, and after transforming, which is still disturbing to watch no matter how many time I view it, takes several blows from Kyoko, in a mad attempt to try to understand the pain that Eu undertakes.


He can have half his face chewed off, but it won't stop this from being disturbingly hilarious.

Yes, it's the FALCON PUNCH!

Quickly combo-ed into a BUNKER BUSTER!

How could he bear to hurt such a pretty maiden? He couldn't!

Somehow, it gives him a mega power-up, and Ayumu grabs the chainsaw to hack away at Kyoko. Cue the gruesome screams and gory images, as the entire hill is bathed in a red miasma. He manages to reduce Kyoko’s lives down to the last solitary one, and Kyoko whimpers for forgiveness, sensing that she doesn’t have many lives to throw away anymore. Ayumu sparing Kyoko would probably be the ultimate insult to her; Kyoko prolongs her longevity by killing people, but when Ayumu has her life at his mercy, he denies Kyoko of what she has been striving for by not killing her.


Back to her handy-dandy notepad.

Argh why must the cape be there?! But that's why people watch Freezing.

Eu is revived in the aftermath of the battle, and you can see that she reverted back to using her notepad. Glowing-hot inscriptions on the floor are not needed during peacetime apparently. We also see the appearance of Instructor Dai, who teaches tens of millions of Magiclad Girls, and is mentor to Haruna and Kyoko. She arrived with the sole purpose of receiving the Kyo-tofu from Ayumu (mentioned in Episode 5), but since she was there, she wanted to bring Kyoko back to re-educate her, as she has strayed to the Dark Side.


"I am possessed, muttered KYOKO KYOKO in a hushed and monotone voice." Internets to those who get the reference.

I guess that's what they would refer to as "convenient censoring".

Kyoko is suddenly revived though, as a black aura surrounds her. The voice she emits is ostensibly male, and it would seem that she is being possessed by The King of Night, who has a personal score to settle with Eu, from what I gather. His mere presence strikes fear in Haruna, as she is rooted to the spot. A few ominous sentences are said by The King of Night, then Kyoko promptly vanishes. Instructor Dai is miffed, and she wants her student back. Apart from this short intervention, it’s alls well that ends well.


Ayumu is back to his CHAOS:HEAD mousou mode.

Be grateful, lowly beings. This smile is all the emotion you'll ever get from Eu.

Back at the house, Ayumu inquires Eu as to whether there were any other Zombies, to which Eu affirmed. The previous zombie she resurrected had malice in his heart, though, and she had no choice but to do away with him. Ayumu is thankful that Eu saved him and granted him near-invincibility, as well as being grateful for the presence of Seraphim and Haruna. A moment of D’AWW ensues when the edges of Eu’s lips curve ever so slightly upwards, eliciting a genial countenance that is undoubtedly picked up by Ayumu. That’s all the emotion she can afford to show, and I’m sure nobody’s complaining.


Overall, it’s a great episode, where we get to see quite alot of action in unconventional ways. The reasons to justify the transformation into a Magiclad Girl are rather contrived, but it’s great to see Eu in a Magiclad Girl outfit, and in terms of hilarity, Ayumu in that outfit as well. What’s not to like?

  1. 3242
    February 18, 2011 at 8:15 am

    I just cant understand why Kyoko seems to get a different outfit than the 2 other BEAUTIFUL magical girls.
    Poor tree indeed ;-;

  2. 3242
    February 18, 2011 at 8:17 am

    Poor tree indeed, it diddnt do anything to anybody, besides give them shade, and I am pretty sure mr. zombie here would be grateful for that during the day– goodbye middle of graveyard shade during the day– goodbye..
    …i just cant understand why Kyoko of all people get a special outfit, instead of Eu or perhaps Ayumu ;-;.. I will just guess its because she isnt using the same chainsaw…

  3. February 18, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    I think it’s just because Ayumu and Eu don’t have the….assets to pull off Kyoko’s kind of attire. Eu’s Masou Shoujo outfit is awesome in its own right, and so is Ayumu’s, if you have a twisted fetish for traps haha.

    • 3242
      February 19, 2011 at 5:04 am

      … ahh I guess that makes sense.
      I just like Ayumus outfit because it gives me a good laugh every time o0o. …
      that and I guess Eu always has her armor plates to customize it hm…

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