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Freezing – 06 : Another Mate for Aoi Kazuya.

She's just showing off~

To allow calafares to induce a slight joke.

This episode of FREEZING introduces us more on Rana Linchen, who started the episode by stripping to change into her PT attire. It seems that in GENETICS Academy, your clothes are powered by Volt texture and theres no need to manually change your clothes. That fact totally spoils the fun does’nt it. But on a side note, it deems all clothings as easily replaceable hence its the first item to get destroyed and shredded in battles, which will be proven in the screenshots after the jump. (There are some very nice full length screenshots at the end of the post. Please take a look.)

So she chose that dress to spend the night~

Aoi woke up from a dream about his deceased sister to find Satellizer camping beside him. He apologises for not going to her room last night, but she said it was ok as she still got to spend the night with him in the hospital. Well you see Aoi, even if you did manage to go into her room, NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED ANYWAY. LOL.

Dispensable clothing theory proven.

We then see what pandoras do for their PE lesson, 1 on 1 match without the aid of limiter. Rana and Ganessa were pitted against one another.

The best dodge, is to not dodge. - Rana Linchen


Although it was declared as a draw, we could clearly conclude that Ganessa would have gotten owned badly.

Short hair Satellizer was quite an eyecatcher too!

More about the history of Satellizer and the limiters who had fallen while trying to baptise with her. Its seems that she is infamous for castrating each and everyone of them.

Operation seduce Aoi STARTTTO!

Check out my firm ass, will definitely satisfy you during baptism.

neee~ theres no glass but...

Lets kissu~

Having determined Aoi as her soulmate, Rana is in relentless pursuit for his attention, demanding that Aoi drops the honorific and simply calls her Rana.

No food for you tonight Aoi.

Satellizer is obviously not happy see Aoi and Rana make out in the cafetaria…

Stay away from my mate.. bitch.

and ordered Aoi to follow her this instant for an important discussion.

Atia Simmons: You know... Satellizer that bitch threatened Aoi by suffocating him with her large tits.

As the couple left, Atia Simmons confronts Rana to badmouth about Satellizer, effectively converting her Anti-Satellizer.

Oops, Attia Simmons it is.

The pedophile material.

Call me... Satela.

Copycat Satellizer wants the same treatment Rana is getting.

Call me Satela or you are not getting any food tonight doggy!

Good doggy~!

She always gets what she wants. From now onwards I shall refer her as Satela as well~

Fallen into the dark path of Anti-Satela.

Meanwhile, a fuming Rana engages a…

Too heavy.... its flooding at the cleavage.

bathing Satela…

You should shave... dude.

to have a confrontation on who has the right to get Aoi.

You should shave too BITCH.

Loser shaves in public!

Hehehe.. I will shave both of you bitches.

Rana, having been brainwashed by Attia, thinks that Satela is a selfish bitch who used her tits to seduce Aoi. Satela, who never bothers to solve problems with her brain or mouth, starts the fight with a big tight slap as Rana touched her.


Transcendent Kneecap!




The force punch.

This kick is for the tits which seduced my Aoi!

Basically, up to this point… Satela got owned as Rana opened her Holy Gate, allowing her stigmas to send power flowing to her fists and feet. She calls this move: Eight Pole Fists of the Holy Gate. It also allows her to unleash a Force Punch, which she calls empty fang.

Satela's special attack! The Full Strip!

Fortunately, Satela too had something hidden in her ass. She unleashed her Double Accel, a double accelerated high speed turn, effectively rendering Rana 75% naked.

Tibet tits!

As both of them acknowledged each other’s strength. They agreed to commence their final attack.

Satela's final attack! The Penetration!

It turns out that the blood pool from last episode’s preview was from Rana instead. But it was part of her plan to land her special attack on Satela.



Satela collapsed after taking a Rana’s Burning Fang punch.. that attack looks so ridiculously powerful… but…

My bare tits are only for Aoi to see.

the sheer thought of losing is not in the dictionary of Satela, who got up despite having 6 of her ribs in her guts.

Once again, I'm here to steal the show - Aoi Kazuya

And before the fight to the death can continue, Aoi pops out to explain that he was the one who chose to follow Satela, causing Rana to realise that she has been used by Attia.

No you dont Aoi - 3rd year power trio.

Unfortunately, the three onee-san is out here to make it look like a fatal training accident while both Satela and Rana are handicapped from fighting each other. This time, it looks like things will really turn ugly as these three onee-sans are high ranking third years and both Satela and Rana have already taken alot of damage.


Exiting the stage : Galactic KOed Boy : AoiBurnt

And Aoi won’t be able to use his imba hax to help Satela and Rana.

omg im gonna die.

omg im gonna die too.

Yeap… its gonna get ugly.

Here are some freebies I usurped from RC:

Wow~! – Morishima Haruka

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