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Infinite Stratos ep 06: Ichika is gay and Charles is moe


Another week, another episode about our harem of the season. Sadly, it seems like our girls aren’t being appreciated by the guy they’re trying to chase, because there’s definite proof here that he is gay. Sigh.

Our three ladies are trying to explain to Ichika something, yet his dense head refuses to take in their words. And when Charles challenges him to a friendly duel, he ditches them immediately.

Charles’ personal IS is also Raphael Revive, as seen in the previous episode piloted by Yamada-sensei, except her armor color is orange. She makes short work of Ichika by bombarding him with various guns, as he completely sucks at long range combat.

They get into a technical discussion about equalizers (I’m assuming for long-range), bus slots(something like USB slots?) and one-off abilities. Ichika’s IS has no slots for an equalizer as his slots are completely used up for his Reiraku byakuya ability, which was the glowing energy move he used when fighting with Rin against the IS droid.

Charles lends her rifle for Ichika to play around with, and the three girls are jealous that the two “guys” are “getting a little too close”.

Suddenly, a wild Laura Bodewig appears, and demands to fight. Ichika brushes her aside, saying he has no reason to. She stubbornly insists that she will never accept him, and fires her humongous gun at him, which I’m guessing is a Misaka Mikoto (A railgun, if you didn’t get the joke, or never watched To aru Majutus no Index/Kagaku no Railgun). Anyway, Charles deflects the shell and readies her own big guns. A teacher’s voice sounds out and Laura retreats for the time being.

In the changing room, Charles bids her leave first, and Ichika wonders why she dislikes changing with him. Remember, at this point he still thinks Charles is a guy. WHY ARE YOU SO HUNG UP ABOUT A GUY NOT WANTING TO CHANGE WITH YOU? UNLESS YOU’RE GAY? And according to his own words, “We should change together now and then!”. I’m left speechless.

On his way back to the dorm, he witnesses an argument between Laura and Chifuyu-nee. After Laura leaves, Chifuyu tells him off for eavesdropping, and not to worry so much about her quarrels.

FLASHBACK TIEM. During the 2nd IS Mondo Grosso tournament, Ichika was kidnapped by strangers. Apparently Chifuyu backed out of the final match to save him, her forfeit causing a huge commotion. Ichika reflects on the fact that he is worthless and a pathetic younger brother. I agree with this. Hahaha.

He hears Charles showering upon returning, and remembers that the soap should have run out by now (probably due to himself masturbating in the toilet). AND THEN HE WILLY-NILLY BARGES INTO THE BATHROOM. Even I wouldn’t rush into the toilet if my guy friend was in it.

This is Legen-


You can see what happens.

Eventually, Charles comes out of the toilet, with Ichika sitting on the bed, stunned. Attempting to bring some semblance of sanity and order to their “relationship”, Ichika offers tea. The tea is spilled and scalds him when Charle’s touches his hand.

mmm Ichika's... towel...

Ichika no ecchi~

FLASHBACK TIEM AGAIN. Charles was born from a different mother. She showed high responses to IS. As her father’s company was actually on the verge of collapse, due to them not being able to mass produce third-generation models, she was made to pose as a boy solely for publicity. She was transferred to Ichika’s school to meet up with him and “steal” any data about him.

Now that her gender has been discovered, it looks like she will be brought back to her country and maybe placed in prison. Ichika then goes into the usual heroic righteous spiel, about how this should wasn’t right and shouldn’t happen. He tells her to stay here, with his promise to stay silent over this matter, and that being enrolled in the IS academy would keep her safe since all students “do not belong to any country organization”.

...do you want to see them? ...ecchi~

Out of nowhere Cecilia starts knocking on the door, asking why her love didn’t partake in the usual dinner fare. She enters to find Ichika putting a “sick” Charles to bed, and drags him away to have their night-time meal.

Of course with her spider sense tingling, Houki detects Cecilia’s sneak attack and accosts her in the corridor outside. It ends up with her tagging along (as usual) due to her claims of dinner being too little.

I'm so chopping off your privates, Ichika

Too bad we don’t get to see the three of them making out. After the dinner, our hero thoughtfully brings back some food for Charles. What he did not anticipate was the French lady having some problems with this infuriating tool known as chopsticks. She stops Ichika from going back to get a fork, and he admonishes her for not wanting to depend on others. This comes back to hit his face as Charles instantly implements her “get Ichika for myself” plan, by demanding to have him spoon-feed (or chopstick-feed) her. He accepts by saying “Men never go back on their words!”

Instead realize the truth. There is no spoo- chopstick.




This week’s episode ends with Laura taking off her eyepatch, showing off her differently colored eye (we already know that from the OP), and declaring grimly that she will remove Ichika with any methods necessary.

GEASS! Laura vi Bodewig commands you...


Some thoughts:
It might just be me, but this episode actually hinted at some things that were bubbling ominously below the surface of our cherry-delightful academy. Laura and Chifuyu’s dialogue brought to light some troubles that might be happening in other parts of the world. For example, Laura claims that the students think of the IS as a form of fashion statement, instead of possessing a sense of discipline. Couple this with Ichika’s kidnapping, Dunoa’s experiments on his own daughter, and the unmanned IS that appeared suddenly, I can see Infinite Stratos trying to bring a serious note to our light-hearted harem community.

I hope the preview for next week’s is actually a troll and something unexpected happens. I really don’t want an entire episode dedicated to some grand but pointless cat-fighting between Cecilia, Rin and Laura.


  1. February 16, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Loved the whole attention on Charles this episode. The shower scene was definitely unforgettable in deed.

    And YES! Charles in a mini-skirt!

    • Infinyx
      February 17, 2011 at 12:49 am

      I’m still loving Houki, but Charles practically forced her way to 2nd favorite for me with this episode.

      mini-skirt! xD

      • February 17, 2011 at 4:01 pm

        Haha, the mini-skirt won you over XD
        Houki’s too…tsundere for my tastes. If only Laura had a better attitude, then she would be number one cause you’ve got to admit, she look awesome. Especially with that bad-ass IS of hers.
        But as of now, Charles is my fav 🙂

      • Infinyx
        February 17, 2011 at 9:30 pm

        Her overall moe-ness throughout the episode won me over. heh.
        I like Houki only because of Hikasa Youko, if not Charles would top. I don’t know about Laura, but her eye is awwsuum. And yea, giant-ass cannon ftw.
        Btw I checked out your blog. It is very cool. 😛

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