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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 06

As the weeks go by, Madoka impresses with us with the hallmarks of a great anime and this weeks episode, 6, is no different, with Urobuchi Gen stunning us again with his impeccable script writing.

Artist: Ueda Hajime

Well the episode kicks off from where the previous episode ended, with Homura gate-crashing the fight between Kyoko and Miki. It is obvious that Homura’s power is in a league above theirs as she moves with such speed that they cannot follow her, and she uses that speed to take-out Miki in one hit.

Homura Pwn Stare!

Kyoko proceeds to question Homura but is replied with a question in return following which she decides to make a hasty retreat seeing such a stalwart Homura. After Kyoko leaves the area, Homura uses the moment of reprieve to chastise Madoka for her reckless and stupid behaviour.

The next scene is in Miki’s bedroom where she is purifying her Soul Gem. Kyube reveals that using one Grief seed too many times may result in the revival of the witch which explains the need to continually hunt them in order to get more Grief seeds. It seems that with each use of Magic, your soul gets tainted so the seeds help remove that taint. He also explains that with excess Grief seeds, it acts as a safeguard in which to prepare for either long or tough fights, so with Miki’s current power, she needs more Grief Seeds in order to summon more power so that she has a higher chance of defeating the obviously more powerful and experienced Kyoko. Miki mentions that Mami was quite powerful due to her talent in which Kyube concurs and states that it is possible to win someone more powerful and experienced by sheer talent and potential, stating Madoka as an example if she becomes a Mahou Shoujo.

It then jumps to the arcade in which Homura goes to find Kyoko where they hold a ‘strategic’ discussion.

Madoka Magica ver. of DDR( Dog Dog Reinforcement) LOL

It seems that Homura wants to hand over jurisdiction of the area to Kyoko and states that if Miki gives Kyoko any problems, it will be hers to handle. She also state that an event or occurrence called the “Walpurgis Night”(LOL) is going to happen soon in the town. No other infomation was given about this event other than it made even Kyoko want to join forces with Homura to tackle it, showing that it is something of grave importance.

They then show Miki and Madoka on the witch-hunt again, with Miki trying to track the previous familiar that escaped. Madoka, worrying about Miki, suggests methods of peacefully settling the feud with Kyoko which Miki turns down almost immediately. Miki sees reconciliation almost impossible as the difference in beliefs are too big and even misunderstands Homura’s motives due to the incident with Mami which she infers that Homura only appeared after Mami died so she could get the Grief Seed for herself, but we all and Madoka know what really happened. She then generalizes all the Mahou Shoujo and states that Mami is an exception, following which she say some things that makes Madoka emotional.

Its a sad world...

Following such a heated conversation, it jumps to Madoka room in which she is unable to get to sleep due to what happened. She then heads downstairs to walk it off but bumps into her mum who is having a drink after coming back from work where she proceeds to join her mum at the table to have a drink and a heartfelt converstation about the recent events.

I'm boozing wit my mama'

Hearing her daughters problems, Madoka’s mum then suggests some unorthodox ways, like doing something wrong in order to help her friend(which will impact the episode later) to deal with them and even gave her some praise and tips to top it off.

It then jumps to Miki going to the hospital, which has become like a ritual for her, to discover that her beloved Kamijou-kun has already been discharges due to his impressive recovery. She then goes to visit him but before she can even touch his house’s door, she get confronted by Kyoko.

Showdown, Kyoko VS Miki

Kyoko then proceeds to ridicule Miki’s wasted wish and offers an ‘alternative’ means in which to get Kamijou. Miki is unable to stand Kyoko’s presence and ridicule and guns for a fight with her in which Kyoko agrees but suggests that they move to another location.

Seeing that the fight is commencing, Kyube runs to Madoka for help, which I think he is hoping will cause Madoka to make a contract with him.

Kyoko transforms but before Miki can, Madoka interferes and tries to stop the fight. Seeing the interference, Kyoko proceeds to taunt them even more but even that is cut short with the appearance of Homura. Homura expresses her displeasure of Kyoko’s impatience but still proceeds to take the place of Kyoko in confronting Miki.

Miki then tries to transform again but Madoka interferes again and does the stupidest thing in this series to date, she takes Miki’s Soul Gem and throws it off the bridge onto a passing lorry. Well you cannot fault her for being a good girl and listening to her mother. Seeing the gravity of what has been done, Homura goes and chases Miki’s Soul Gem. Miki’s query of Madoka’s action is cut short abrupty with her body suddenly going limp and her seemingly fainting. Madoka tries to revive Miki but has the body snatched away from her by Kyoko who tries to discern what has happened. She then finds that Miki’s body is in a state as if she was dead.


Zetsubou-shi ta!!! (lol again)

Observing their reactions, Kyube says that Mahou Shoujo should be only able to function 100m from their Soul Gems, and with some persistent questioning by Kyouko, then proceeds to reveal the TRUTH about the Mahou Shoujo and their Soul Gems. It seems that whenever someone makes a contract with him, he takes out their soul and turns it into a Soul Gem. What happens to their bodies after the contract is that they are changed into some sort of shell to house the personality of the contractee so it become like a sort of tool as they are unable to fight witches with a normal human body. He also reveals that the Soul becomes a Soul Gem as it is more efficient and compact, and it is better for combat as they are now able to survive catastrophic injuries sustained in the fights that a normal body is unable to and be able to heal them just by using magic. After stating all these, Kyube is indifferent about their reactions as he is unable to understand their responses. Kyoko states that it is as if they are being turned into something like zombies after hearing the truth and Madoka is devastated. And it seems that Homura knew the truth before them, explaining her reaction after Madoka throws Miki’s Soul Gem.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

The episode then ends off with Homura returning the Soul Gem to Miki’s body who wakes up as if nothing has happened and not knowing what has transpired when she was ‘unconscious’.

Huh? What Happened?

Overall I feel that this was the most fantastic episode to date will tons of development and a big revelation and twist about the characters. I love the way Gen pits the characters’ beliefs against each other and how he uses it as a plot device. The way he twists the Mahou Shoujo context to his story is something to be admired and the way he portrays Kyube as unfeeling or sort of not-fully-understanding the mindset of humans is quite a twist to the typical Mascot character but it seems Kyube is doing it for the ‘greater good’. So after this big reveal, we can all safely say that the Mahou Shoujo are technically “dead” as their Souls are not in their bodies anymore and that they have lost their true human body. Well I can only wait and see what will Miki’s reaction will be to the truth and how Gen will use this newly revealed aspect of the story to forward the plot but I suddenly have a small feeling that Madoka may become a Mahou Shoujo to stop this terrible cycle, like Homura, or change it on the whole.

(On another note, I want to point out that the techno version of connect used in the arcade is a gem of a BGM which makes this shows Soundtrack even more of a must get)


  1. February 16, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Zetsuboushita lol~

    I just hope Madoka brings back Mami-san when se becomes a Maho Shoujo

    • archyver
      February 17, 2011 at 9:49 pm

      Well that could be a possible good-end scenario….but knowing Urobuchi Gen he does not like happy endings that much so anything can happen….

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