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Kimi ni Todoke S2E05 – The person I like

Kimi ni Todoke S2E05 – Chizu has a makeover! Kent Miura’s schemes come to light! The person I like.

Wow, I was pretty impressed with this episode.. There were a lot of things going on in this ep and it certainly wasn’t as boring as the ones before.. Well I’m gonna go run through practically everything that happened this ep, so read on more to find out!

Sawako's finally fitting in with her study sessions..


During break..

and these guys overhear the juniors talking about sadako and her garden of herbs..

Comedy relief character #1.

..and so discussions for the school's festival initiates with 'Fantasy' as it's theme..

LOL 'What about Sadako's Black Magic Cafe? cuz she's famous among the freshmen too..!'

ideas keep pouring in.. ** Sawako *shock* **

and Sadako's black magic cafe wins with an overwhelming amount of votes!

After that.. at the school garden.. A flag is triggered with the coincidental meeting of Shota and Sawako!

*looking at Sawako's expression*

zzzz.. and once again the chance is missed..


and yano looks on with exasperation..

*I wanted to talk to him.. but I didn't know what to say..*

Sawako *Maybe it’s my imagination.. but it feels we’ve drifted further apart now. Or am I the one who’s drifting away from him?*

Yea, no sh**, sherlock.

Yano to Chizu: 'Sawako's trying to talk to him but Kazehaya's been so difficult lately.. I wonder if something happened..' *Chizu's shocked*

Last ep.. *You're probably the one who's most different from her..*

This is bad.. I'm screwed if I don't fix this..


It’s Tooru’s wedding day!!

..and Chizu wants to get all dressed up for the occasion..

..following guides so it won't go wrong..

Finished- ..eh?

and Yano arrives just in time to save her..

*I had a doll like this once..* LOL.

and as Yano makes her magic..

'Thanks for coming over so early Yano-chin..' 'It's alright, I got a good laugh out of it anyway.' ROFLMAO


Onto business..

For more make up tips please consult Yano at :1800-KNT-YANO

'cuz today's an important day for you too..' best friends 4eva!


And after the makeover..


and a woman's best make-up.. is still her smile.

at the wedding..

Tooru.. Haruka.. congratulations =)


Later that night..

Chizu meets up with Ryu for a chat..

..and for awhile I seriously thought Chizu kissed Ryu..

..until this scene that is.

Ryu: 'I won't tell him that he understands Sawako 100% but.. I'll ask him what's wrong though.'


Next day at school..

I don't actually have any supernatural powers.. *refering to her fortune-telling booth at the festival* lolololol

and as always.. 'I'll.. I'll do my best!'


Later.. Kent asks for a moment with Sawako..

Comedy relief character #2 enters!

..and Arapin-sensei chanced upon the scene.

Back at the cafeteria.. Ryu asks straight: 'So in the end did you confront Kuronuma or not?' rofl.


And season 1 flashbacks..

..they were so close..


And now Ryu’s gotten a little hungry, so he’s just gonna keep stuffing food in his mouth.

Arapin: 'Your lover's cheating on you.. With Miura Kent.'

' You've got it wrong.. That's not cheating and we're not together..'

Meanwhile.. *om~nom~nom~nom* Go Ryu..!! This guy is totally like T.K. from Angel Beats lol.

Ahahaha~!! You got rejected??!!

Shota shouts: 'NO!!' ..and Ryu goes *Om~nom~nom*

Then you havent confessed to her right? *hehe*

'Sing out your love to her under the majestic sun.. Work up your small insect-like courage and confess your love to her from the top of the jungle gym~!!'

lol.. this guy has the best quotes ever XD

*Thanks for the food* win.


At the garden.. where Kent and Sawako are having a chat..

Kent confirms with Sawako that she's fitting in.. and in this scene.. she sees her life flash before her eyes LOL

'Aren't you happy? Or did you want to always remain as an outcast so that Kazehaya would help you?' ..woah this guy is more scheming than the coyote in the roadrunner show..

*No.. It's always my goal.. to be able to fit in with everyone.. Something I had always longed for..*

But.. he's always treated me so normally, I forgot all about it..

'He just cared about me because I always seem depressed..' *I always looked up to that part of Kazehaya..*

'It's an easy mistake to make.. with Kazehaya paying special attention to you and all..'

Sawako: *What? He knows? As expected of ESPer-teacher..!*

Kent:' I'm sure Kazehaya didn't mean to do any harm.. But he's kinda insensitive I guess..'

'Th-That's not true! Kazehaya's always fair, kind and friendly, no matter who he's dealing with! He's always greeted even me with a smile..!'

'When I told him how I felt, he believed me.. He's the first person I could talk to without feeling like there was a wall between us.' ...*It's because he's always like that, that I fell in love with him.. and yet, that wasn't enough anymore..*

Kent: 'So you knew you were wrong..?' Sawako: *STOP! It's hard to admit stuff like this, even to myself..*

I understand.. *That insensitive jerk!*

'Wouldn't it be best if you avoided him for now?'

'Sadako.. Kazehaya has someone he likes.. I didn't want to tell you.. (YEA RIGHT!) but now don't you think you could leave him alone..?' ..Well played mister.

I’ll let the pictures continue the story now..

*There really was someone..*

Kent:' Eh? Sorry!! But.. I'm sure there's someone better for you out there..!'

'Eh..? It's ok!! Sawako you're much cuter when you smile! Smile!'

*I can't stop crying.. there was nothing I could do.. I really was too naive..* (..Ehh.. actually she looks like Hinata from Naruto Shippuden here right..? =P)


Kent: 'Like me.. I wouldn't mind.. if you liked me.'


..enter Kazehaya.

..and NICE cliffhanging episode!!  The story is getting down to it, and the relationships are making themselves seen soon too. This episode was a great one, with so many things happening in 25 mins lol.


And so for the next ep.. Affection and Annoyance.


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