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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne – 05 : Be my pet dog and lick my …

Taste my saliva~

This episode introduces the 3rd addition to Shuusuke’s harem, Mayuka Kondo, class rep and model student pet owner.

You are free to use my foot however you want it.

She is a sadist under sheep’s wool. Click to see more of her exploits.

NOOOOOT EXACTLY. Kondo is more of a Yaoi fangirl, and like Shuusuke, conducts sneaky operations at night to raid the supermart for erotica to satisfy her inner desires. One fateful night, they bumped into each other and mixed up their loots. Presenting to you, their expressions when they found out the cruel truth:

His hairline... his eyes... their love for each other melts my heart.

Those 3 sizes... those protruding nipples.. I WANT.

Death note.

Under the guise of Mister X, Kondo issued a death note in a love letter to Shuusuke, commanding him to meet “him” for the treasure exchange. What “he” did not know was that Shuusuke had already shredded “his” pink sapphire boys love magazine in despair earlier after staining his eyes.


Before the confrontation, Shuusuke was given some eyecandy treats!

Anymore and censor mascot will appear.

He tried to create more eyecandy by dropping his eraser while Kondo walk past his table, well done pervert.

Angelic face...

Kondo acted well despite her strong desire to kill Shuusuke for ruining her night before.

Goodo Lucku

As the promised time draws near, Shuusuke turned to his most trusted comrades in hope of finding the rare pink sapphire magazine… but being the notorious AGE group, they possess nothing that “flacify” their little bros.

I knew they had something going on. LOL scene.

Although, we see that after the AGE meeting, the leader secretly passed Shuusuke his collection, I think he’s probably into BL, and more specifically, Shuusuke.


Mister X and Shuusuke met, but upon learning the cruel truth, Kondo exposed herself while jumping around in frustration.

Iroha in crysis nanosuit gear.

Our 3 red eyes alien was exposed as well. This explains what her gear in the ending song is used for. LOLz.

The cheerful smile of a new pet owner!

Basically, Shuusuke was blackmailed to become Kondo’s pet for the sake of saving his “girls” in the Nessa Guy magazine she confiscated. New pet owner Kondo decides to fetch her pet to school everyday!

The joy of having grandchildrens!

Shuusuke’s mom was overjoyed that her son finally has an owner. BTW, SHE IS SUCH A MILF.

The sad truth.

Yea, your eyes did not fool you, there is a leash alright.

Good doggy!

Kondo prepared pet food and fed it. I loved the part where Kondo stopped Shuusuke from eating, then signal him that it is alright to eat. Seriously, Shuusuke is getting the same treatment as the dogs my grandma raised, and the worse thing, he seems totally happy with that treatment. Look at him blushing fervertly at Kondo’s petting.


This anime always provide us with invaluable facial expressions.

Lick me behind my knees, just like Morishima Haruka's doggy Tachibana-kun.

How I wished that was the case…

Saving image to Brain's Solid State Drive.

Instead of more stupid mascot.

The crayon shinchan punishment!

damn those crocodile tears.

Iroha's skirt is used as an anger dispenser.

I would love to see Iroha fuming more, her reaction when she does is WIN.


Nessa Guy was nicely bondaged, taken out in order to blackmail pet Shuusuke to buy BL magazines for her 2am @ night.

Awww... you cute little doggie.

Sweetest smile~

Best drawn scene in this anime, a faint line of pink…

Goooooood boy!

And there we have.. the complete conversion of Shuusuke: boy to dog. Well done Mayuka Kondo, your are a Pokemon Pet Master

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