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Infy’s Impressions: Episode 4 (Winter 2011)

Unfortunately due to lack of time (Chinese New Year celebrations + tons of homework overdue is a female dog), I’ll be doing a somewhat condensed version.

Again, list is ordered in how much win there is in each Episode 4.
First place is the candy-coated Double Rainbow, and last place is the turds.
(Kimi ni Todoke is not included to avoid confusion as it lags behind by one episode in numerical order, due to Episode 0 airing)\

1 ) Kore wa Zombie?: What an episode. Chock full of unpredictable comedy interspaced with some inspired emotional dialogue and sudden plot twists. The lilting violin + piano combo that played while Eu was crying and having her “conversation” with Ayumu really got to me. Let’s not forget the scene right at the end. This show fluctuates so much it’s near impossible to anticipate anything. And I’m LOVING IT.

2 ) FRACTALE: So many unanswered questions, and yet it’s still sucking me in instead of leaving me frustrated. The Final Fantasy-ish music that played when the temple-ship appeared gave me the chills. I definitely want to know more about this world that’s been created, the potential for really good story-telling is huge.

3 ) Ochin koto: Considering I was ready to dump this show two weeks ago, it rather surprises me that Ochin koto is 3rd again for the second week running. It’s a good sign when the show gets me physically laughing out loud instead of wincing at the (incestuous) interactions between the cast. Also, if I’m not wrong, the characters spend 90% of the time having various funny expressions on their faces e.g. (>_<) (T_T) (._.) (o_o)

Rest of the bunch

4 ) Infinite Stratos: Action, but predictable
5 ) Madoka Magica: Ehhh… New challenger appears!
6 ) Gosick: Meh. Didn’t click. Victorica’s having it real easy
7 ) Yumekui Merry: Monster-of-the-week format is blah.
8 ) FREEZING: Boobs!
9 ) Mitsudomoe 2: Lol.


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