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Kimi ni Todoke S2E04 – Misunderstood..

..confused, both of them not understanding their real feelings, they gradually drift off.. and pretend that their awkward meeting never happened..

both of them have a little 'chat'..

Kent questions Kazehaya’s way of approach towards Sawako.. And is asking Kazehaya to leave her alone in the case of everything he does causes the girls to isolate Sawako more..

Chizu gets invited to Tooru's wedding.. and meets Yano who helps her get a dress 🙂

Oh well. More screen time for us. (^A^)/

Kazehaya: 'Have I misunderstood Kuronuma completely?' Chizu: 'Yea.'

And clueless Chizu agrees that Kazehaya is the ‘furthest’ from Sawako.

Gotta say good morning in a natural way..

...good.. morning.. o.o

Kazehaya says a perfectly normal greeting and walks off.. Leaving Sawako to think that he wasn’t really avoiding her at all..

Oh man.. This is so screwed up.

and both of them are wondering how did it turn out this way..

*confronts Sawako* and they got the whole story..

Where did all our efforts in season 1..?!

and she breaks. she admits to over-thinking situations lol

I'm always too self-conscious.. I can't even greet him properly.. I'm scared..

I don't want him to hate me..

If you don't do anything because you're frightened, then things will remain painful like this forever.. If you don't want that, you're going to have to do something.

lol @ 'I wanna thank you all for everything.'

Later Yano and Chizu bumps into Kazehaya.. and straightens him out.. and leave straight after that.

Kazehaya exclaims: ‘Why is everybody giving me crap?’

and Ryuu goes with the normal ‘I feel for you..’..

zzz shoujo anime. They love to mistreat the guys.

Lol. It seems Chizu is lagging behind. She just doesn't understand that Kazehaya and Sawako have mutual feelings toward each other. I think the title was meant for her. o.o

Let's go tell them! XP

1) Kazehaya doesn't like meddlers. 2) Sawako is still scared of Kazehaya, and Yano doesn't want Sawako to feel inferior will dating him.. which means we have to wait for Sawako to confess on her on will..

And everyone loves Sawako now, thanks to last ep's crash course. *Kent meddles*

'I don't understand.' says Kazehaya. Good emo ending.. I mean it.

Next ep.. The One You Love.


Until next week….. Slow moving Shoujo anime FTW!!

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