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Infinite Stratos Episode 5: the 2nd Ginga Bishounen

Houki, Cecilia, and Rin use Thundershock!

After last week’s fast and frantic IS combat, we now return to our regular scheduling of harem shenanigans. This episode also proves, without a doubt, that Ichika is the most brainless guy I have ever seen. That, or he is extremely skilled at acting dense.

Ichika takes time for some off-campus vacation, and visits his friend Dan, who looks incredibly like Lavi from D.Gray-man. Dan happens to have a sister, Ran, who is ALSO extremely interested in Ichika. Oh Ichika, how many girls are in love with you? Yet you still don’t even have a clue.

He teleports back to his room in the next scene, when Yamada-sensei enters to announce that his opportunity for doing the nasty with Houki is over as she has been moved out of the room. Again, he being clueless irritates Houki to no end and causes her to leave in a huff…

…To reappear at the door with a sheepish look on her face. She demands that Ichika goes out with her if she manages to become the champion of their upcoming grade level school tournament.

Of course this is overheard by our resident San-baka (three morons, I dub thee lovingly) and they spread the rumor…

…Which gets distorted into “Whoever wins the tournament gets to date Galactic Pretty Boy Ichika”.

Did I mention we get a whole 10-seconds worth of Houki’s boobs? I blacked out here momentarily. Not really.

Anyway, the main point of this week’s episode finally DAZZLES THE STAGE. Complete with bubbles. BUBBLES. Introducing Charles Dunoa, voiced by Hanazawa Kana!

Right after his introduction, Chifuyu-sensei declares IS practice with class 2. Charles is completely bewildered by the excitement of the girls at his arrival, even more so when Ichika takes him by the hand (BY THE HAND. SUTEKI~) and leads him out of class, to be confronted by the screaming horde of horny fangirls from other classes. I wonder how long have they actually last seen a guy.

Oh yes, Charles is introduced as a guy. Yes. Even though she is so obviously a girl.


She gets embarrassed when Ichika pulls off his top, and instantly changes into her outfit when Ichika turns his back for a split-second. When he comments about “getting tangled” with the IS suits, and she realizes what he is talking about…

If any of you still believe Charles is a guy, get your defibrillators ready when they reveal her to be a girl in the next episode.

On the pitch, Chifuyu-sensei orders Cecilia and Rin, being the only few with personal IS, to give a demonstration.


Their opponent, the bumbling Yamada-sensei, is revealed to be previously a representative candidate. Even she doesn’t avoid Ichika’s wrath, and gets her boobs felt as she collides into him. Obviously it leads to some pissed-off girls.

With a 2nd generation mass produced model, Raphael Revive, she makes short work of the two students, as they possess no team coordination. They even crash into each other once in the air, and once on the ground.

The students then split into training groups, with the group leaders being those with personal IS, meaning Ichika, Charles, Cecilia and Rin.

Random girl is given a name, Aikawa Kiyoka. As she finishes her trial at walking in an IS, she leaves it in an upright position, and Houki comments that she is unable to reach the cockpit.

Out pops Yamada-sensei, asking Ichika to carry Houki up. Understandably, she freaks out at the mention of this, but brainless Ichika lifts her up without a second thought. Houki basks in her own delight of experiencing the “LEGENDARY PRINCESS CARRY“.

Sneaky as ever, she snatches the chance to invite him out to lunch, and YET AGAIN Ichika accepts it without considering the implications of such a request.

My brain is turning into mush having to talk about all these harem-nonsense.

Houki’s expression does such a turn-around when she finds out Ichika invited Cecilia, Rin and Charles along for lunch. This time, their method of attack was directed at his stomach, as the three lets Ichika taste their food. It seems like Cecilia gets the short straw to be designated as bad cook amongst the girls.

More sparks of jealousy erupt when Ichika declares Houki’s chicken to be delicious and feeds her a piece. Cecilia and Rin demand he do the same for them.

Finally, the scene turns to Ichika’s room, where as it turns out, Charles is his new room-mate. Charles asks to train with Ichika from now onwards.

Surprise surprise we get ANOTHER transfer student, Laura Bodewig. She proceeds to end the episode by administering a backhanded slap on Ichika, shocking everyone, and declares that she will never accept him to be Chifuyu-sensei’s brother.

Right now, I’m merely waiting for the time where Charles and Laura get ensnared by Ichika’s Ginga Bishi-ness and fall hopelessly in love with him.


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