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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 05

Thank god its friday which means it Mahou Shoujo time!!!. Well this weeks episode was initially boring with quite a lot of emotional scenes but it contained quite a bit of revelations and it culminated in a fantastic ending story and action wise.


At the start, they finally show us how a Mahou Shoujo is made with Kyube performing the contract with Miki with the obvious end result.

Kyube sucks your brain!!

From the next few scenesafter the OP, it seems that Miki is quite unaffected by what has happened previously after becoming a Mahou Shoujo but Madoka is still quite worried for her, fearing that she may end up like Mami.

Emo Madoka

It seems that instead of Mami’s death being the catalyst of Madoka’s tranformation, it became the turning point for Miki instead, giving her a chance to fufill her wish which Madoka at that point did not have.

Well it is so obvious what Miki’s wish is so the what happens next is expected, she proceeds to the hospital to observe the after-effects of her wish on her beloved Kamijou-chan. Apparently, because of her wish, his hand is completely healed and the doctors are unable to explain the “miracle” that occurred but it will still be quite a while before he is discharged as he has not finished his therapy for his legs. Miki then proceeds to bring him to the roof of the hospital where doctors and family are awaiting him to celebrate his recovery.  He then goes to play the violin that he has forsaken just a day before. Upon seeing this, Miki just could not contain her joy. This was quite an enjoyable part of the show as the music “played” by Kamijou is superbly composed by Kajiura Yuki and it carried quite a bittersweet feeling.

Unknown to Miki, while she was happy celebrating on the hospital roof, she was getting spyed on by the new Mahou Shoujo in town, Sakura Kyoko voiced by Nonaka Ai.  She states explicitly that she does not care much about Miki and could get rid of her easily.

" I could kill someone like her in a second"

But Kyube warns her that her plans maybe distruped due to the presence of Homura who is, even to Kyube, special and an irregular.

The scene then jump to the diner in which Madoka is having a conversation with Homura. It seems that she is trying to get Homura to join forces with Miki and her so that what happened to Mami does not repeat itself. But Homura rejects the proposal and even turns the conversation around saying that from her point of view, Miki has become a lost cause and that Madoka should give up on her and that it is Homura’s own fault that Miki made the contract as she should have watched both of them, not just Madoka. Homura reveal something interesting about Mahou Shoujo, saying: ” Once you have become a Mahou Shoujo, you can never get rescued. The contract means that you have to give up everything for just one wish.”


Even after that heavy converstation, Madoka still holds onto her belief and proceeds to find Miki stating that she wants to follow her on her “witch hunts”. Seeing Madoka’s support, Miki is ecstatic and behaves a little bit like Mami at one point. Kyube acknowledges Madoka’s desire to protect Miki and also points out that having her along on the witch hunts, she can be a weapon in which to combat disaster and that he is ready for her to make the contract at any time.

They then manage to detect a witch barrier in which a familiar is residing inside and Miki then proceeds to dispose of it but……

Miki Blade Works!

before she can destroy it, Kyoko appears and interfers, apparently letting the familiar go.

New Challenger Appears!!!

Kyoko states that it is quite a waste to destroy a familiar as it does not give a Grief Seed so they should let it go and grow into a witch before proceeding to destroy it. She then goes on to reveal the disturbing truth about being a Mahou Shoujo that they are part of a viscous chain in which witches prey on weak humans and in turn they, being Mahou Shoujo, prey on them. This is means that as Mahou Shoujo require the Grief Seeds to “recharge” their power, it would be counter-productive to kill the witches when they are undeveloped.

Miki is against this as it would mean that innocent people would be hurt and she then proceeds to fight with Kyoko. The subsequent fight of wills and beliefs is an amazing sight, beautifully and smoothly animated, with neither side willing to give up and Miki apparently barely just surviving due to the fact that she heals faster than normal, which was revealed by Kyube as an after-effect attribute of her wish as her wish was a prayer for healing.

The fight continues for a while with the apparent differences in power being obvious and Kyoko having the upper-hand proceeds to overpower Miki and gets ready for the finishing blow. Seeing that Madoka, already wanting to join the melee while the fight was occuring but unable to as she is not a Mahou Shoujo, almost forms a contract with Kyube. But before she can make the contract and before Kyoko can deliver the final blow, Homura interferes and saves Miki and prevents another contract from forming, in a way multi-tasking. And the episode ends on a cliffhanger with Homura standing between Miki and Kyoko.

Homura's Entrance

Overall i feel that this a terrific episode with tons of story and impressive fight scenes. The music is of course terrific which makes the whole package almost perfect. With such a cliffhanger ending and with Gen doing the script, i can only guess what happens next episode, who will Homura help? Miki or Kyoko? Or would she just get rid of both of them seeing that she is “special” and maybe much stronger than them and it would be better for her having two less Mahou Shoujo. Well only time will tell so onto next week for another exciting episode.

(P.S Happy CNY for those who celebrate it!!!)

Happy CNY and the Year of the Rabbit (well Kyube looks like one HAHA)


  1. Myssa
    February 5, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Two things of note this episode: 1) Kamijou reacts surprisingly well to having his arm healed and, 2) Sayaka’s hot blooded nature and sense of justice will definitely land her into trouble that might be way over her head to handle, as demonstrated by the one-sided battle between her and Kyoko.

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