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Freezing – 04 : It feels really dirty~

She looked like she was just raped.

Freezing 04 covers the backstory of Ingrid Bernstein, the 17 year old german voiced by Koshimizu Ami (School Rumble’s Tenma & Code Geass’ Kallen) As you may recall, last episode, we had third year student, Atias Simmons, sending her to discipline Satellizer, after witnessing Satellizer giving the slut, Kannazuki Miyabi, a tight bitch slap. More after the jump!

Two fingers are all it takes.

After spending a week inside the detention barracks, Satellizer was finally released, however, Ingrid is here to teach her a lesson not to mess around with the seniors. She gives Satellizer 24 hours to find a limiter so as to have a fair fight.

Thinking of methods to seduce Aoi

Weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously, the first thought that came into her mind was having Aoi Kazuya as her limiter. However, her trauma in the past and her fear of being touch crushed that idea.

How he wished he was one of those stuff toys on her bed.

I dislike the fact how Aoi just ventured into Satellizer’s room without any invitation. Thankfully, he did’nt have the cheeks to read her red diary without permission, although he nearly gave into temptation. Check out those cute stuff toys on Satellizer’s bed, another attempt by the author to show how cutesy Satellizer truly is.

Are those... MEATBUNS?

Nevertheless, he still got treated to a pointblank view of Satellizer’s rack. He will make it a point to visit her room more in the future.

Wrapped up cuteness appeal!

The real reason why Aoi entered Satellizer’s room was to ask her to make him her limiter. However, once again, for the countless time, she rejected his proposal.

Her weapon is... not hard enough.

Satellizer’s best bet was to fight Ingrid while she did’nt have a limiter with him. However, she proved to be far too strong for Satellizer even without her limiter.

Preparing the Kage Bunshi No Jutsu.

Ingrid tells Satellizer that although the level of her Accel Turn is quite impressive, it is still a basic skill that most of the third year students have no problem dealing with.

That gotta hurt... Ouch.

Ingrid used her high level Tempest Turn and delivered a damaging blow on Satellizer’s crotch.

Eyecandy service time~

This week’s eyecatch, LOL @ the (She is so sensitive.)

Confession blush!

Just as Ingrid was about to land a killing blow, she gives Satellizer a last chance to contract a limiter. By then, many of the students were already watching the battle, Ingrid shouted to ask whether any of them wants to become Satellizer’s limiter and chuckled at the pathetic response. Before she can have her last laugh, Aoi Kazuya steps in to offer himself.

It feels really dirty~

And there we have, overwhelming cuteness from Satellizer as she finally stated her ultimate reason for rejecting Aoi as her limiter. “It feels really dirty, I hate the way it feels like it is rubbing my body.”

Behold! The force of Aoi Kazuya.

Having given Satellizer a last chance, Ingrid makes her killing move, but was stopped by Aoi’s freezing.

Valkyria mode!

Ingrid activated her Pandora mode to counter Aoi’s freezing, lamenting the death of  Marine Maxwell, who gave her life away to protect the first year students who abandoned them, and also blaming herself for being too weak then.

Dusted off like an irritating fly.

And sure enough, a Pandora Ingrid proves to be too overwhelming for Satellizer.

Pinned down... by the force of Aoi Kazuya.

Take that.. BITCH!

But nothing proves to be  too overwhelming for Aoi, who once again, used his freezing abilities he inherited in his bloodline to steal the show and save Satellizer. He then begun his habitual counselling, telling Ingrid that Marine did not die in vain, and she, like his sister, had fufilled their roles as Pandoras who protected the precious lives of their loved ones.

The witness who tells the story of The Legend of Marine Maxwell.

Ganessa makes her appearance at the right moment to tell everyone her own experience, how Marine Maxwell saved all the first year students and her asses from a S-Type Nova. Ingrid, hearing Ganessa’s story, recounted how Marine died with a smile, satisfied upon knowing that none of the first year students died.

The blush intensifies.

At the end, Aoi thanked Satellizer for saving his ass for the second time… when in actual fact, he was the one who saved her ass. Well done Aoi… Nice Play.

The love rival!

Next episode, Rana Linchen, voiced by one of my favourite voice actress, Kana Hanazawa! (Bakemonogatari’s Nadeko & Ore no Imouto’s Kuroneko) From the sources I have read, she seems to be the love rival of Satellizer over Aoi. I smell a love triangle coming up. We also hear a tere tere Satellizer asking Aoi to come to her room at night! (Invited entry this time! HEHEHE)

  1. Dolomite
    June 11, 2011 at 4:24 am

    Thank you for that recap, I wish you could add the comments to the pics cause they are hilarious.

    • defrayal
      June 11, 2011 at 12:38 pm

      Thank you for reading! Yea… some of the pics are really good enough to make into the “black border pictures with witty comments”

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