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Infinite Stratos Episode 4: FIRE BURNING

After last week’s tepid harem showcase, we now have FIRE BURNING ACTION!

Infinite Stratos' Ginga Bishounen

The episode starts off where it ended last week, Ichika and Rin squaring off against each other. The sheer brute force within Dragon Roar, Rin’s IS, is apparent, as she starts hacking away at Ichika with her giant-ass sword. What’s more, she has two of them.

Ichika gets pressurised and seeks to gain some distance, but Dragon Roar also possesses the Impact Cannon. Rinin describes it to have an invisible barrel and bullets, and it also has infinite angle, allowing it to shoot anywhere.

Ichika’s mind races back to his conversation with his sister, questioning whether Byakushiki possesses any other forms of weaponry. Chifuyu-nee retorts that it is better for him to master one weapon to the extreme, instead of learning how to use other attacks.

Eventually he chooses to charge at Rinin with what Chifuyu calls the Ignition Boost, a move that allows the user to accelerate suddenly at their opponent, but it can only work once due to the element of surprise.

HOWEVER. A sudden twist in the story has a concentrated laser beam blasting through the roof, sending shockwaves and plumes of smoke billowing through the arena. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER.

The new and hostile IS immediately shows off its melee and range combat capabilities, able to attack forcefully with its huge fists and shoulder cannons. The IS also appears to be able to lock down the gates in the arena, causing Chifuyu, Houki, Cecilia to be trapped in their operations room, unable to help. The year 3 students are shown on one of the monitors trying to break their way in.

During the fight, Ichika surmises, from the movements and behavior of the enemy IS, that it is actually an unmanned drone. Coming to this conclusion, he is willing to unleash Yukihira’s full power as he would not be attacking a human. Houki manages to escape out to the launch pad to yell some encouraging words at Ichika, but this causes the enemy IS to target her.

Sensing an opportunity, Ichika orders Rinin to fire her Impact Cannon at the IS drone, and then places himself in front of her. Somehow instead of being damaged, Byakushiki is able to absorb the energy from the Impact Cannon to charge up to 100% Unit Power. Thanks, book of unexplained plot holes. He manages to slice off one giant fist, but gets pummeled by the other. As the drone levels its wrist cannon at his face, Ichika smiles and asks about the target.

It looks like Cecilia got out with Houki and activated her Blue Tears, and seemingly finishes off the IS with a sniper shot to its chest.

YET ANOTHER PLOT TWIST! Not really, but the IS rises up and prepares to fire its wrist cannon again. With everyone caught unprepared, Ichika acts out of desperation and flings himself into the beam. AND HE DIES, WITH INFINITE STRATOS COMING TO AN END 😀

Well, not really. As he lies in the infirmary bed, with Rinin sits beside him. She does what every other girl left alone with a sleeping boy, attempting to surprise sex kiss him.

And fails like every other girl as the boy wakes up at the exact moment. Cecilia and Houki soon appear, infuriated at each other for trying to get a head start on Ichika, who can do nothing but laugh at his hopeless fate of being Infinite Stratos’ Ginga Bishounen. The episode ends on an ominous note, Chifuyu and Yamada pondering what implications an unmanned drone operating an IS would bring, and the unregistered IS core it holds.

My Speculations:

We just had the fighting in Infinite Stratos turn from friendly school sports combat to life-threatening battle. I doubt that the upcoming drones would be concerned with fair play and the welfare of their opponents, which I’m hoping would lead to much more gratifying clashes between the combatants.

As for the developer of these drones, the most obvious finger would be pointing at the missing Shinono Tabane, Houki’s sister and developer of the original 467 IS cores existing in the world. Right now, I’m predicting that Tabane either has regrets over creating IS cores, or is unsatisfied with how the global governments are utilizing the IS machines. The unmanned drones are developed to destroy the original IS cores, and to also prevent unnecessary bloodshed and loss of life that would occur between humans fighting one another.

Checking myanimelist reveals that Infinite Stratos is only 12 episodes long, which means that there would be little chance of the plot turning completely on its head and developing into a darker storyline. I could always hope for a second season or something.



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