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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 04

Another week has passed and finally its time for Madoka. Having left us with such a bitter and sad taste in the previous episode,  I was wondering how would the show progress from here onwards and did this week’s episode not disappoint with interesting revelations and info on the life of a Mahou Shoujo in this universe.

OMFG!!! Its Kobayashi Jin

Well to summarize this episode in a few words, all i can say that is that it is almost 15mins of EMO and 5mins of WIN and other stuff.

Its starts off with Miki visiting Kamijou again and after she leaves she stars doubting herself and thinking about what Mami had said to her that whether does she truely want him to be happy or if she just wants something in return which will affect her choice on becoming a Mahou Shoujo.

Next its goes to Madoka having breakfast with her family and her breaking down crying cause she cannot get over the loss of Mami.

I can't stop thinking of Mami when i see cutlery...T_T

Later in school, after sometime discussing on the rooftop, Miki and Madoka finally realize how dire their situation is and how big an impression would their choices make, knowing the truth of what is happening behind the scenes and how important in a way Kyube is.

Well it ain't easy for me too

However,  Madoka does not want to form a contract with Kyube as what has happened has traumatized her too much. Before leaving to find another contractee, Kyube reveals that most of the Mahou Shoujo are actually quite political and that another one would come and take over the area soon.

Later, Madoka goes to Mami’s now empty apartment to release her sorrow in another emotional set piece. But after leaving the apartment she promptly bumps into Homura where they proceed to have a little talk about what has happened.  I don’t want to go too much into what they have discussed as it is actually very simple but the most important revelation by Homura to Madoka was that she had seen uncountable Mahou Shoujo go the way Mami went and that if you die as a Mahou Shoujo, it would be your fate in which to be forever declared missing as they is no normal way to explain how you died.

It then jumps back to the hospital where Miki is back again with Kamijou trying to cheer him up from his depressed state. She only proceeds to make things worse as she keeps reminding him of what he could do in the past and cannot do now due to his injury, and due to that he goes into a rage causing more injury to his hand. Mami stops him and tells him that even though the doctors say that regaining the use of his hand is impossible, there is hope as magic and miracles do exist, which was followed promptly with the appearance of Kyube.( Well it seems the cat is out of the bag at this point who is going to become a Mahou Shoujo first)

After Madoka parts ways with Homura, on her way back home she meet her friend Hitomi who is in a dazed state. It does not take long for her to notice that Hitomi has been marked by a witch and is in dire need of help. She tries her best to get Hitomi back to her senses but to no avail and gets dragged along to where she is going.

Madoka is then led to a warehouse in which all those that have been marked by the witch are meeting  to perform from what it seems to be a mass ritual suicide. She then promptly tries to save them by interrupting them but it only caused them to go after her instead. As she runs away, she locks herself in a room in a bid to escape but gets herself into bigger trouble as she gets sucked into the realm of the witch.

OMG Madoka Bits

This part is where the show get interesting as Madoka gets “tortured” by both the witch or witches familiars and by her own feelings. It also shows that even the characters can get the SHAFT treatment as when Madoka is being played by the witch she is animated differently.

Hey I'm paper-ish nw!

Then when things seem to be at their worst, suddenly a new Mahou Shoujo appears and saves Madoka and it does not take long to realize it is Miki.

Miki ver.2

It does not take long for Homura to appear after the fight and she proceeds to give Miki a stare full of killer intent. It then jumps to a scene in which no explanation is needed to deduce what Miki wished for to get her new powers.

The final scene then introduces a new character and Mahou Shoujo, voiced by Nonaka Ai ^^, who was apparently supposed to take over Mami jurisdiction before Miki formed a contract and from what she said, she has no qualms in taking over the area by force.

Overall I feel that this was a great episode with terrific action animation and a lot of plot revelations but it was slightly too emo at the start.

I’m impressed with Gen’s twist on the Mahou Shoujo genre as now it seems that each of them are fighting selfishly for their own reasons. Now I am only waiting to see what would make Madoka want to become a Mahou Shoujo again as she has already given up hope on it due to the trauma. Would it be the death of  Miki? I dunno as i though that the death of Mami would be enough of a catalyst to make her want to be one, but instead it worked in reverse.  Well would the next episode be a Miki vs Homura fight or a 3-way with the new girl? Only Gen knows….. but i hope it is either one as it would be a joy to watch

(P.S sorry for the slightly long post, I’m still in last weeks’ writing mode plus i don’t know why but i can’t think properly today so i apologize for any writing error or incoherency. Hopefully i will be bttr next week and the post shud be shorted with less rambling)


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