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Kimi ni Todoke S2 E03 – Forget about it, back to square one.

Last episode.. she struggled to answer Kazehaya's awkward 'confession'..

Sawako thought this was how it looked like last episode… apparently it was far from this, like almost no reaction at all. AND she thought she OVER reacted. lol.


Yup, as usual, she knows where the good stuff is.

Sawako, still struggling with her understanding of Kazehaya’s feelings towards her, does great mental gymnastics and ends up convincing herself that Kazehaya said that to her out of kindness last episode.




Kyyaaaa...!! Run..!!!

OMG. My Korean friend was right.. I really need a makeover..!





























And so, after that fateful encounter which nearly cost the lives of the 2 poor girls, Sawako realises that she can’t smile properly and goes off to the mountains to train.


Hey, what'cha lookin' at punk..?


Moments later…

Sigh I guess it's can't be helped.. Let Kent-sama help you out with your training!!

Thanks for helping.. Can you kindly get into my boiling cauldron of soup?

And so she practises her 'Ohaiyo~!' ...apparently she can't smile without straining her face too much,

And poor Kazehaya can't help but feel a tinge of jealousy.. Be a man and do something already!!















Sawako eavesdrops! 'I've been kinda of constipated lately..'

It's time for my medical herbs in my special garden to do their jobs! Up, up and -











I'm back. Here, this medical herb is good for constipation..

…ok so.. What should I do with the herb..?

*There she goes again..*


A heart to heart talk!!

Kazehaya:  ..I made Sawako more uncomfortable instead, saying something like that.

Ryu: So what did you-

Kazehaya: I don’t wanna talk about it.

Ryu: So selfish…


Still hung up over the valentine's issue huh..?

Both had Sawako’s courtesy chocolate.. except for Kazehaya that is.


I'm out of patience!! ..cuz someone might have their eyes on Sawako too..

*thinking that Sawako’s thoughts about him were: ‘ He’s lively! I admire him! and respect him! ..but that’s all..! 😀 ‘*

Kazehaya: Which part of me is lively..?!!

Ryu: No one said that..

and Ryu ends off with a ‘I don’t really get it.. But hang in there.’

LOL best line ever.


Come with me.. and I'll teach you the secrets..

..of making your very own medical plant corner =3









And look who the cat dragged in..?

And now Koizumi Kent is an ESPer..!! And as usual, Sawako buys it completely.


Not only is he friendly and acts natural, but he's an ESPER too..!!

Kent: I'm a philanthropist, so I can't ignore a girl who is abandoning everything that makes girls happy.'










'When I do this, you smile!' LOL he thinks he's a camera..??!

Enough said.









Mada mada dane. She still has more (s)training to do.

*I want to be friendly.. I'll do my best, ESPER teacher!*









What's this guy trying to do..

confrontation! *you sure are making a lot of passes at Sawako.*

































Kent: But doesn’t Sawako like Kazehaya?

Yano: Don’t do something uncalled for..

Kent: Don’t worry. I’m a good guy..


And seriously..









I'm an ESPer.










What? Sawako's good at academics? Ok it's decided then-

Guys! Sawako's gonna teach us for the midterms..!!









*I can even tell up to 3 ghost stories now!*

Hello.. we're in the middle of a class.. Poor old guy. LOL






















After school…

Ossu~!! I came back to tickle you :3 Nahh kiddin'.. you gotta help me PASS!! T_T

And her crash course kicks off..

And it ends successfully.. with everyone contented with the new knowledge gained..

and seriously, they could have done a better job with this scene.

And everyone goes.. 'OMG..! Sadako smiles..?!!'

Well she sure advanced on making new friends..

more smiles yet to come. save that when both you and kazehaya really hit if off..

Sawako: *I want to thank him better.. but I can't do it.. I never, ever want Kazehaya.. to hate me.*

Kazehaya: 'Oh.. and about what I said the last time.. You don't need to worry about it. Forget about it.' *walks off*


















Kent: Yo. I was waiting for you. -their idea of a cliffhanging end?- *End Theme plays*

Next episode..
















Next episode: Kent VS Kazehaya!! Who will emerge victorious for Sawako’s sake? Misunderstood.

Back to doodling..


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