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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne – 03 : My sister can’t be a stalker!

Meido Imouto!

Operation seduce onii-chan with meido costume failed as Shuusuke was blackmailed for a date with Iroha.

This episode covered Shuusuke’s date with Iroha as they were stalked by Nao , who was in turn, stalked by her friends Haruka(CV: Eriko Nakamura) and Hirono(CV: Ryoko Shiraishi).

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Buy the Di Vui Di!

The censor mascots appeared in full glory throughout the episode, limiting the exposure of panties in a weak attempt to promote DVD/Blueray sales. Iroha’s cockblocker is a white cat while Nao’s a penguin.

As typical anime dates, the female is always late, providing lame excuses as “Don’t know what to wear.”

I wonder who's the person who's truely scared.

Iroha dragged Shuusuke for a horror movie, acting scared and taking the chance for intimate skin-ship bonding.

OMG you gotta be kidding me.

Way too intimate. I’m glad there’s no one else except Nao in the cinema. Such things will never happen in real life. Infy said he done it before. I said no such thing.

Kore wa Zombie desuka?

After the movie, Shuusuke appeared to have lived half his life while Iroha is thoroughly recharged with life-force.

"How-do-I-look-in-this-swimsuit" Attack

Right out of the harem anime textbook, we were presented with the scene where Shuusuke was offered to help Iroha wear the lower half of her swimsuit properly. He humbly refuses after spraying some of his nosebleed on Iroha. They were soon spotted by the forever-virgin trio, who were in self denial over Shuusuke having a date, only accepting it when Iroha and Shuusuke bought and wore a set of love rings. Upon knowing the truth, had a classic scene of running towards the setting sun.

And here I thought she would be in tears of frustration.

As the night invades, Iroha proposed a goodbye kiss, in which Shuusuke once again, humbly refused. They had an argument over whether they are lovers or not, with Iroha concluding it with the decision to consummate  their relationship. Before she could pop Shuusuke’s cherry, Nao unleashed her final attack to rescue her onii-chan: The “Dinner is prepared, go home now!” Phonecall.

Eternal love for onii-chan's body odour.

After the date, Nao gave Shuusuke the cold treatment, making him feel that his date with Iroha has been exposed.

Kore wa VampireZombie desu ka?

Ultimately, Shuusuke returned to his sperm filled days after an accidental peek at Nao’s panty. He recovered all his ero in his computer, went out at night to buy ero books, and fapped through the night.

Welcome back, comrade!

The scene where he begged and was accepted back to the AGE was a pretty humorous one. All it took was a bribery of one ero-dvd worth 1500yen.

Cat VS Penguin

Back at school, we witness the start of the battle over Shuusuke.

Well, as what infy said, the art is really not that appealing. However, the voice actresses and the nostalgic harem scenes make it quite enjoyable and entertaining. The storyline will more or less concentrate on Shuusuke’s internal struggle over his feelings for Nao, whether to consider her as a sister or more than a sister. Frankly speaking, I would rather go for Iroha. Hehehe. Anyway, we will have more cat fights upcoming in the next episode.

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