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Freezing – 03 : Why you should’nt mess with Aoi Kazuya.

Arthur is a smart one. He skips school to fondle his onee-sama.

Class President Hiiragi Kaho seems to like cute boy Aoi.

Unfortunately, was booted out of his harem circle for asking him to stay away from his beloved Satellizer.

Truely the untouchable queen,  never needs to queue for her favourite Burger Queen.

The trademark touch.

The trademark WTF reaction.

The past which caused Satellizer’s aphephobia.

The episode started off with Aoi in his new class. As usual in most anime,  the type of boy many of the girls in the class like. Hiiragi Kaho, the class president, introduced herself, and like Arthur, advised Aoi to stay away from Satellizer. However, Aoi don’t give a damn and once again, pulled Satellizer’s hand in the school cafetaria to apologise. Satellizer, in shock, dropped her hamburgers and went to camp at the rooftop. Aoi picked up her food, and delivered them to Satellizer, who explained to Aoi that he seems to be the only person she don’t mind being touch by.

Will you be my onee-sama?

Caretaker of Chastity, Kannazuki Miyabi, aka the bitch dazzling the stage.

Aoi proposed to Satellizer to become her limiter, but before she could answer, Miyabi interupted their conversation, and tried to make an initiation (the contract which bonds the limiter and the pandora together) with Aoi, but was rejected in disgust. Obviously, she does’nt give up that easily, and just as she was about to hurt Aoi, Satellizer went to his rescue.

How dare that bitch interrupt our romantic moment.

I love the look of disgust on his face.

Removing her glasses : Its gonna get serious.

Huh? Unexpectedly, got owned.

Miyabi unleashed her weapon, homing dagger.

Eyecatch: The Cherry Eater.

Accel Turn aka flash step


Miyabi used the Accel Turn, which was suppose to be a third year student skill only. 2nd year Satellizer surprised her by doing the same. They clashed head to head and Satellizer appeared unscathed while Miyabi received a cut to her face.

As expected, Miyabi flared up and unleashed Erienbar set, which utilised her three limiters to set up freezing. Although Satellizer could easily have gotten away by herself, she decided not to abandon but to rescue Aoi. The freezing effect got stabilised and Miyabi took the chance to land some daggers on Satellizer, effectively disabling her. Miyabi demanded Satellizer to beg for her life, but instead, Satellizer asked of her to let Aoi go. Miyabi stripped satellizer, played with her racks, and took off Satellizer’s panty, intensively humiliating her. She then ordered her minions to take photos of her naked ass and send around the school. Aoi, raging, unleashed a freezing field which neutralised Miyabi’s and ultimately ended the battle in Satellizer’s favour.

The ultimate humiliation.

That ass is only for me you fuckers.

Satellizer paid them back dearly for humiliating  her.

Before Satellizer could deliver the finishing blow, School president Chiffon made a brave front and ordered Satellizer to stop, but ended up cowering in fear. The person who really stole the show was Aoi, casting freezing again to make Satellizer spare Miyabi. He told her the words of his sister, that pandoras exist to protect people, not hurt each other.

At the end, Satellizer spared Miyabi and her minions the deathblow. The professors who witnessed the scene explained that ereinbar set is used to unify the five senses of pandora and her limiter, so as to more effectively control her movement. The reason why Aoi Kazuya was able to cast a freezing field on his own was because 30% of his body is covered with stigma tissue. Meanwhile, we get to see epic action from the Ingrid Bernstein during her simulation fight. She is ranked seven of the third year. Atia Simones, who witnessed Satellizer dismissing Miyabi, asked Ingrid to “take care” of Satellizer.



Yeap, the bath robe is gonna drop off.
In the preview, we see Satellizer getting owned by Ingrid, and more fanservices will be coming up, probably with the initiation of Aoi and Satellizer as the climax.

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