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Infinite Stratos Episode 3: Get kicked by a horse and die

I’m not even going to be doing a full review on this week’s episode.


Because it was just mindless nonsense about each and every girl trying to seduce Ichika to some lonely corner and then proceeding to do whatever they desire. Ichika is saved only by his cluelessness. Dumb protagonist FTW!

it was epic when she uttered this

What transpired during Episode 3:

  • IS machines are stored within accessories worn on the user’s body, examples shown in the beginning, like Cecilia’s earring or Ichika’s bangle.
  • When called forth, we get a Magic Girl-like sequence of the IS encasing the user’s body.
  • Cecilia’s attitude towards Ichika changed. Drastically.
  • Ichika is made Class Rep because Cecilia loves him.
  • Fan Rinin, transfer student from China appears. She is Ichika’s SECOND childhood friend.
  • Madness from now on. Everyone and their grandmother tries to get a piece of Ichika and his smoking manly hotness.
  • We have an Inter-Class tournament between the Class Reps, and the episode ends with Ichika squaring off against Rinin.


The promise of more action next week is the only thing that’s making me happy. Fure~ Fure~ Orimura~


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