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Star Driver: Why I think Ivrogne is the 4th Maiden

Person in question: Nichi Keito / Ivrogne

1) Together on the bus.

Episode 8, this is when Sakana-chan takes the bus to the docks. We know she is the North Maiden, we know Wako is the South Maiden, and we eventually find out that Mizuno is the West Maiden. I doubt that Keito would have been placed in the same scene as 3 Maidens without any meaning.

2) A flashback scene.

During episode 10, the baseball match, Sugata mentions to Keito that it’s been some time since the three of them have been together. Again, I don’t think Ivrogne would be associated with the West Maiden and the Emperor without rhyme or reason.

3) Ayingott’s Eyes

When Marino/ Manticore used Ayingott to search out the Maidens in episode 14,  we see snatches of the 3 remaining Maidens (Sakana-chan having left the island and her seal broken). Wako and Mizuno’s face can be seen clearly, because we already know who they are. The East Maiden is only shown with her back to the camera. She does turn around, but the camera is so zoomed in that we can only see her mouth.

Judging by the picture though, it looks alot like Keito’s hair to me.

4) The truth

Also at the end of episode 14, she proclaims to Head that Marino was lying about the non-existence of a West Maiden. Somehow, I’d think you would only know a fact like that if you’re a Maiden yourself. By needing Ayingott, it shows that the Glittering Crux had no idea who the West and East Maidens are. Which means you can’t say such a line with certainty unless you happen to be in the know.

I’m pretty sure there might be other telling signs that didn’t seem obvious in the previous episodes, but these are the only points I can list off the top of my head right now.


  1. Clinton
    January 24, 2011 at 8:46 am

    there was no need for speculation on the 14 epiosde it was outright screamed at you

    • Infinyx
      January 24, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      ah yes but u said on episode 14. i was pointing out potential signs that happened BEFORE ep 14. anyway, it’s not tt obvious to some ppl, and there are some who still believe she’s not East Maiden.

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