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Infy’s Impressions: Episode 2 (Winter 2011)

Again, list is ordered in how much win there is in each Episode 2.
First place is the candy-coated Double Rainbow, and last place is the turds.
(Kimi ni Todoke is not included to avoid confusion as it lags behind by one episode in numerical order, due to Episode 0 airing)

1) Gosick: Incredible loli-ness and tension-filled cliffhanger makes Episode 2 excel in numerous ways. I’m already trying to guess who the villain is. Victorique’s efficient solving of this episode’s mysteries makes me anticipate the moment she struggles to solve a case.


2) Infinite Stratos: Does not disappoint with the action, and the cast is falling into a reassuring cliched harem stereotype. It means I might zone out during the school life sequences, and just wait for the combat. Still rooting for the lovely Hiyocchi.


3) Madoka Magica: All-around solid episode. Explanations on magic girls and witches, wishes and curses, plus action sequence is also thrown in with the appearance of a witch (finally), and Mami massacring it with a huge cannon.

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4) Yumekui Merry: The pace of this episode is really weird, as we have the story jumping over and over between different sets of characters. In the end, all I experienced was confusion, albeit with some anticipation for eventual explanations.


5) Kore wa Zombie?: What the hell, this sank like a rock after ditching the uber eccentricity of the first episode. It wasn’t as crazy, but it still made me literally laugh out loud with its jokes in unexpected moments. The appearance of Hiyocchi as Seraphim the vampire ninja is win though.


6) Fractale: Questions are still left unanswered, I’ve no idea what to make of this show. Story did not move much, just character development mainly for Nessa, our lovely red-head voiced by Hanazawa Kana.


7) FREEZING: More plot development, showcasing Pandora Mode, and how powerful Bridgette actually is when there isn’t a stupid punk interfering with her fight.  The characters are really really bland thou.


8 ) Mitsudomoe 2: I agree with how it was explained in Bakuman that gag mangas usually do not get high ratings, but remain steady at a certain spot. This is indeed the case for Mitsudomoe, as the randomness from last season continues on.


9) Don’t like Oniichan: The show is descending into a dreary, generic harem show. What makes it worse is that there are no action scenes to make it more interesting. As mentioned before, the characters are really unappealing.


10) Dragon Crisis: I fell asleep while watching this, twice. I feel really sad for the stellar cast of seiyuus voicing this pile of dragon poo. The OP, sung by Hocchan, is the only good thing about this show.


If the shows continue on at this rate, I will definitely be dropping Oniichan and Dragon Crisis by the next episode.


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