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Kimi ni Todoke S2 ep 02.. Life is random. Love is even more so.

…and we arrive to yet another draggy ep of kimi ni todoke this week.. and it appears hesitation is the key for this anime. guess what? they’ve graduated to be second years. and coincidentally, sawako, yano and chizu r still stuck together in the same class, with male protagonist kazehaya, and their teacher, whose ego never fails to amaze us, arapin-sensei!!

wad up, more screen time for us..!


and sawako is relieved to hear that..


sawako, smile..!

'how's this?'

as always.. kazehaya extends his greetings to sawako.. and for that brief moment..


the atmosphere turns awkward as sawako turns her gaze away..


and learning that sawako didnt give her chocs last week to kazehaya..


sawako forces a smile to show them that she's ok..

and she rages on..


and the troublesome exchange student makes his first appearance..



and turns to sawako who sits beside him when he remembers her from last ep loitering around the stairs after her talk with ume..

and sawako realizes that people like him do exist. what kind actually..?


...and while he checks for the presence of her eyebrows..

kazehaya #1 to react!!

defence measures activated! engaging 'ninpo/bakudo: stoning!'

*poke poke* kazehaya:'what are you doing to my- er, i mean, sawako-chan?'..

and he volunteers for class rep, publicly announcing that he's an attention whore. sawako is relieved she did not take away his 'fun'.

and sawako is happy.. that her friends actually knew that she was tending to the school garden..

and kazehaya makes his move.. sawako excusing herself to tend to the school garden..


roses are red, violets are blue.. seriously..? u rejected kazehaya's offer to walk home for this?

and the answer to last week's mystery of arapin having 2 chocs on his desk..! one of them was from yano.. used as a bribe to get the 3 of them in the same class this year!


Victorique: 'that was too easy. i already had the answer last week. *monotonous laugh*'


and he rambles on about this great guy who preaches about the importance of the second year in high school.. and wao! by some great coincidence, the great guy was him all along!

and kazehaya stalks sawako.. quietly observing her from the classroom window..

and yano pretends to be cupid.. cuz just like us, she can't stand the dragginess anymore.

and her offer goes rejected!! kazehaya shows his 'man's pride', saying he'd want to tell the person he likes first than tell anyone else who he likes. =.= did the director bribe u to say this to drag the story on??!!

sigh.. 'love is all about timing huh..?' when is that? after 12 eps? next season?

and finally, she finishes planting her seeds. and ok, now to go back to the classroom which is not on my way home cuz the director told me to!

and here begins the NEXT EVENT!!

and what a coincidence! she meets kazehaya who is still in the classroom!

'who were you waiting for.. kazehaya..?'


'you.. i was waiting for you, kuronuma.'



*shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock*


*studying her reaction..*

and as she struggles to react.. all her thoughts are crammed into her head..


looking at sawako's flustered face.. he apologizes for saying something awkward so suddenly, and leaves while keeping a smile on.

and there goes their chance.. sawako is left thinking: 'no.. that's not true.. I was just busy thinking of how to react..'

and so he walks home alone.. *this must be how ume-chan felt when i rejected her *

and that's pretty much everything for this week's ep.. come back to visit me next week..!


and the next ep.. let’s hope the exchange student stirs up a ruckus to this draggy anime!



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