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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne – 02 : Just Playing Doctor…

Aki Sora Style

Shuusuke’s sister is out to get into his pants, wearing the same getup as the character our harem boy is fapping over in his ero game.

And there we have, the typical kiss while sleeping scene. The cute little penguin covering her ass is our BUY-THE-BLUE-RAY-OR-DVD mascot character!

As typical as we have in animes in this genre, the guy will spoil the fun by waking up in the last moment.

Well, this is reused from last episode but it depicts the sister’s desire and fantasy.

Behold, the appearance of Class Rep. From the OP, she’s probably into BL.

My Sister Can't Be This Perverted.

Wow, its usually the opposite gender that does this.

And this. Btw the recorder belongs to her onii-chan.

And she was picturing kissing the younger version of onii-chan while blowing the recorder.

The osanajimi childhood friend heroine makes her official debut.

Twin tail close up version.

And reunited with her “Doctor.”

Apparently, a long time ago, onii chan made a promise with her while playing doctor. If she let him see her naked body, they promise to become lovers in the future.

A lover’s greeting!

Followed by intense tongue action.

Some stimulation.

More nudging. I was wondering where did mascot penguin disappear to?

After this experience, onii-chan threw away all his porn books and turned into a normal boy(for a while) as he was feeling guilty after remembering what he did to iroha-chan during childhood days.

Nao refuse to accept an onii-chan who is’nt perverted and planned to bring back the normal perverted onii-chan.

Operation Alpha: Let onii chan see my naked body again.

Result: He dint even notice her presence.

Operation Bravo: Let onii chan see my stripe panties,

Result: “Girls should’nt do this.” and walked away.

However, Iroha on the other hand, manage to waver his determination to become an innocent kid.

She stalked him so much she knows which hand (and grip) he satisfy himself with and offered to do so for him.

Iroha: Is it too small?

Onii-chan (back to pervert) : No, I like it when it fits into my hand.

This pic gives you a reason  to continue watching this anime.

Megane Iroha chan! The telescope beside her is the reason why she knows which hand he satisfy himself with.


Overall, a funny and erotic episode.

Well, if Nao keeps up with the countdown timer for her fanservice mode, she will definitely lose her brother over to Iroha, who is providing and offering the extreme services already.

Next episode will be a date between Iroha and Shuusuke, courtesy of blackmailing over the phone.

I also look forward to class rep Mayuka Kondo being the fourth wheel.

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