Defrayal’s initial rankings and impressions of 2011 Q1 / Winter Animes.


Ano... Which Winter 2011 Anime Should I Watch ika?

Well… Be Forewarned, as One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

My initial ranking of the 15 Animes I watched for Winter 2011 will be based on how much the starting episode(s) interested and impressed me.

Lets start the critisizing and hnnging~

Ur cute! But ur still last’o spot’o.

Yea… They ain’t wrong to start the 1st episode(THEY WERE SMART TO NAME IT EPISODE 0) with a recap summary of the previous season.

It was my fault as I could’nt stand the 90% worth of reused scenes and dialogues.

Yea.. like totally my fault.


Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 (15) PERIOD


And here I thought the only penis I would see would be Crayon Shin Chan’s. I was wrong.

Yap. Surprise Surprise. One of the most anticipated anime this season ranked 2nd last in my list. Why?


And it was’nt really interesting, especially when all I see is a pikachu cosplaying as a baby.

Still… I look forward to its humour level rising up to Gintama’s level.

The sooner the better. They should really cut down on the baby’s crying.

Beelzebub (14)


Kawaisugiru. SHO CUTE!

Very attractive, very cute, very sweet.

One fucking problem.

Its a trap!


Very attractive, very cute, very sweet.

The animated falling sakura petals were mesmorizing, albeit the ripoff from 5cm/s.


I’m just confused, disgusted and irritated by the warped mindset of our crybaby main protaganist, a middleschooler.(Barely 13 years old.)

Hourou Musuko (13)


Im a red hair KOBATO!

Well, Ok, I am a bit bias here. The reason why I ranked this 4th last is because I actually fell asleep watching its 2nd episode. Twice.

Sure, Merry is cute. But she’s also the no.1 tear shedding heroine this season.

This anime somehow reminded me of pandora hearts. Heroine with power and no memories.

I look forward to a more intriguing storyline and not just about her crying over lost memories.

Yumekui Merry (12)


Projector projector on the floor, who is the REAL Gingabishounen of them all.

Level E has an awesome storyline. The reason why I put it at 12 is because of MY personal preference for FEMALE eyecandies in the anime and not long golden hair BISHOUNEN.

In terms of storyline, its definitely one of the most intriguing one this season. The story feels realistic and let us ponder how aliens interact, adapt and behave if they landed on earth.

Well… If the main protagonist is a Ginga Bishoujo, this anime may very well be near the top of my ranking.

Level E (11)


Rainbow GateKeeper Megami Rio~

Once again, a bit of biasness. This anime was initially ranked near the last of my list due to a crappy episode 1.(The WTF ending)

But having watched episode 2, a “GATE MASTER” element has been added to spice up the storyline.

Furthermore, one simply cannot ignore the SPARKLING seiyuu cast this anime is equipped with.

Rio’s now on a quest to gather all the Gate Cards and become the best (and HOTTEST) dealer in the world.

Failure to do so will result in her getting strip naked.

Rio Rainbow Gate (10)


Ore no imouto konnani ECCHI wake ga NAI!

SHOOT ME! How can this anime rank better than Level E?

For 1, it made me facepalm happily.

2nd, a horny imouto is something I like.

3rd, her theory of an incest relationship making it more thrilling was legendary.

I smell more interesting competitors over her onii-chan in the next few episodes.

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (9)



Well… it wasn’t the funniest episode of its franchise, but it sure brought back fond memories of power rangers.

How it ridiculed the power rangers was golden.

Some jokes were lame… but still, this is definitely one of the funniest 1st episode for the new season (If not the funniest.)

The ending song animation with the casts dressed in power ranger outfit was interesting too!

Mitsudomoe 2 (8)


I wanna poke her too.

Gothic Smoking Hot Genius Innocent AOI YUUKI Voicing Loli who rolls around in her secret garden during her free time = Win


Smoking hot loli deserves another screenshot!!

Male protaganist nicknamed the dark reaper because of having black hair and eyes with random poking gestures = Win

Tengan Toppa Drill styled hair police inspector = Win

Ugly Fat Ass shot dead through the lock hole by a hot sexy arabian = Win

GoSick (7)

Yeap, my favourite met-just-minutes-ago-naked girl

Fractale is another one of those anime with a really sophisticated background sci-fi story which takes awhile to understand.

The doppel system and how the world of fractale works still raises eyebrows, but its really refreshing and interesting.

Well… its only episode 1 and we have a smoking hot babe half naked in front of our main protagonist.

What more can I say?

Eyecandies are best served, fractale standard.

Fractale (6)


Ice Cre-Queen meltdown

All-star seiyuu casts? ☑

Female main & supporting characters to Male main & supporting characters ratio > 10:1? ☑

Nipples? ☑

The moment when she suited up at the start and I caught a glimpse of her chikubi, I believed that this anime will be one of my top picks.

The awesome cat fight and evangelion-like monsters further solidified my belief.

It was confirmed a top 5 spot when the above scene ensued.

Freezing (5)




Female main & supporting & background characters to Male main & supporting & background characters ratio > 1000:1? ☑

Mecha Action (Laser beams/sabers) ☑

Definitely not new, definitely not refreshing. Typical harem anime. Typically entertaining. Certainly popular with the masses.

At least the mecha is a hybrid of Gundam’s weapons and Strike Witches’ Striker Unit.

Im still wondering whether they are using IS for sport or war?

Infinite Stratos (4)



A cute golden loli voiced by Kugimiya Rie.

If you notice, most of her roles involve flat chested short lolis with long hair.

And the only visual difference is their hair colour. (Shana(Red), Louise(Pink), Taiga(Brown?))

These type of roles really do suit her perfectly.

With the opening song sang by one of my favourite seiyuu, Horie Yui, I already look forward to listening to the OP every episode without fail.

Dragon Crisis (3)


Kore wa Sadou Tarou Desu ka?

I really wanted to put this as my top pick. This show is pure awesomeness. Pure Win.

Chain saw mahouso shoujo/shounen with comedic blood, gore and lolis.

However, I also realised that this anime had something in common with my above top picks(3-6):

Main Male Protaganist Involved In Ecchi Situation with a Bishoujo.

Therefore, I deducted some points off.

Kore wa Zombie desuka? (2)



fuwafuwafuwa *the same sound made when getting purified by heartcatch precure"

Another owning anime with the OP sang by ClariS(upcoming favourite) and ED sang by Kalafina.(long-time favourite)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica won via sheer awesomeness with no MALE CHARACTERS(yet) to create any boy-girl romance(The genre I love the most. hence explaining top-picks 2-6 & 11)

The gunfight scenes were truely spectacular and reminded me of my days in Granado Espada playing as the musketeer character.

The mahou shoujo transformation, although not as emphasized as Heartcatch Precure, was elegant and refreshing. (Looking forward to the rest of the transformations)

The seiyuus were perfectly suited for their roles and delivered heartwarming and expressive dialogues. (Kudos to Aoi Yuuki once again.)

Although the witches and their sidekicks had an art style that many commented unfavorable, I felt that it totally added to the creepiness and disgusting elements of the antagonists.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (1)

This concludes my bias ranking.

Don’t bite me please.


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