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Arc’s Winter Ep 1 List

1 Week of the Winter Anime Season has passed and its time to talk about how each show impressed me. I won’t be so bad as to say that any of the shows I’ve watched is bad as I like all of them so the list would just be according to how much I liked it and how much i want to watch the next episode.

Well you just cant help but be happy with this season's line-up can u?

Note : Just to let you know, for me the seiyuus of each show is the real pull factor so it will affect my judgement(but with a few exceptions) =p.

  1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Superb art, animation and Music. Seiyuus for this show are not that fantastic but i just cant stop myself from loving this show. Just waiting to see what Shinbo, Gen and Yuki can do to this genre.
  2. Infinite Stratos: Mecha+ Only guy in an all girls school= win win formula, and with seiyuus such as Toyoguchi Megumi, Yukana and Hikasa Yoko in just the first episode already gets me stuck on this show. Furthermore, I have read that there are other seiyuus in the cast such as Hanazawa Kana, Kadowaki Mai, Shimoda Asami, Inoue Marina and even Tamura Yukari, so I cant wait to enjoy more of this voice fiesta.
  3. Gosick: Victorique is like a ver. 2 of Mina Tepes of Dance in the Vampire Bund plus having the same seiyuu Yuki Aoi makes it more enjoyable and they both sound the same. Being a detective type of show further increases the enjoyment and having such great art and animation makes it so much better.
  4. Dragon Crisis:Horie Yui Op and in the show too, Yukana, Kugimiya Rie and from what have i read there is even Katou Emiri and Matsuoka Yuki. This superb cast already makes me want to watch it even more. I really cant say anything about the plot as it seems like a normal fantasy type show so we just have to wait and see.
  5. Kore wa Zombie desu ka?: Chainsaws(plus with a legendary weapon name), Magic Girls, Zombies, Gore, cheeky word play and nonsense, this show really reminds me of  Seto no Hanayome. I just could not stop laughing throughout the show and i expect more and more laughs from this show as the season progresses. Sadly the cast ain’t that great but its going to have seiyuus in it such as Shimizu Ai( omg how long has it been) and Kanemoto Hisako (Ika-musume!!) so all the more i have to watch it. Overall i feel that its the feel good LOL show of the season.
  6. Freezing: Girls fighting each other, tons of blood and gore, uncensored goodness and smooth animation and just in the first episode for that matter. That, coupled with an interesting back story plus a stellar seiyuu cast with Noto Mamiko, Inoue Marina and Kitamuri Eri combine to make it terrific first episode. And from what i have checked seiyuus such as Hanazawa Kana, Koshimizu Ami, Ueda Kana, Uchida Aya, Watanabe Akeno and even Asakawa Yuu are slated to appear in this show so it would be a shame not to watch this show.
  7. Fractale: The world this show is set in, the animation and the music really feels as if it were a Studio Ghibli production. The ‘Fractale System’ plus the use of  ‘doppels’ further increases my interest in this show. Together with some light humor and an interesting cast of Kobayashi Yuu, Iguchi Yuka and Hanazawa Kana, Fractale may prove to be an interesting show to watch.
  8. Beelzebub: Having read the manga, I already know whats gonna happen but its still a joy to watch with lots of laughs and Baby-Beel is just too cute. The animation is quite good and together with a great seiyuu cast(with more still unannouced) consisting of Konishi Katsuyuki, Sawashiro Miyuki, Itou Shizuka(Morishima!!!), Toyosaki Aki(Yui!!),  Seki Tomokazu, Sugita Tomokazu and even Kishio Daisuke makes it a must watch show.
  9. Onii-chan: Well this show feels like KissxSis with a twist as now its imouto love. The art is not that great but there are lots of laughs so we just have to wait and see if this show is good.
  10. Rio: This show is just sexy with tons of eye candy(but not as much as Freezing) and who does not like gambling. That together with Taketatsu Ayana and Inoue Marina makes the show quite a treat. Sadly the plot seems to be lacking so i hope it gets better
  11. Yumekui Merry: Interesting basis with the dream world and real world stuff but does not stand out that much to me even though Nakata Jouji is the bad guy in the show.

Next, just for fun, is the top 3 shows this season with the best seiyuu cast list

  1. Infinite Stratos: Yukana, Toyoguchi Megumi, Hanazawa Kana, Inoue Marina, Shimoda Asami, Kadowaki Mai, Tamura Yukari and Hikasa Yoko
  2. Freezing: Noto Mamiko, Inoue Marina, Koshimizu Ami, Hanazawa Kana, Kitamuri Eri, Ueda Kana, Uchida Aya Watanabe Akeno, Asakawa Yuu(rare)
  3. Dragon Crisis: Horie Yui, Yukana, Kugimiya Rie, Katou Emiri, Matsuoka Yuki(rare) and Shimono Hiro

Lastly is a list of the seiyuus to take note this season(according to the amount of appearances)

  • Hanazawa Kana: Infinite Stratos,  Freezing and Fractale
  • Inoue Marina: Rio, Infinite Stratos and Freezing
  • Hikasa Yoko: Infinite Stratos, Kore wa Zombie desu ka? and Rio
  • Kitamuri Eri: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne
  • Yukana: Dragon Crisis and Infinite Stratos
  • Noto Mamiko: Kimi ni Todoke and Freezing
  • Yuki Aoi: Gosick and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

P.S: From this post i bet you all can see i’m just watching some shows for the seiyuus so pardon me if i give some shows more due than others….hehehe

P.P.S: Oh and sry that i posted late because i was waiting for Fractale


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