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Infy’s Impressions: Episode 1 (Winter 2011)

My list is ordered in the amount of win each episode 1 contains. In my opinion, of course.
Number 1 is the candy-coated Double Rainbow, and turd-like sludge is in last place.

1) ZOMBIE: Words fail me. I assumed it’d be a random generic fantasy show, similar to Campanella. I couldn’t be more wrong. Chaotic randomness, liberal pantsu shots, an insane cast of characters turns this into pure win. Male lead Ayumu transforming into a Masou-Shoujo is the cherry on top of the cake. Let’s hope episode 1 isn’t the exception but the norm for this series.

2) Gosick: 1st episode ends with a cliffhang, indicating the there’s still more to the mystery than meets the eye. Victorique’s loli-ness belies her intellect, and Yuuki Aoi is a force to be reckoned with as her seiyuu.

3) Madoka: Wow. Stunning visuals and bgm, yet it is paired with a storyline that’s non-too spectacular so far. Will become a classic if the plot explodes into something else. Gotouza-sama (Gotou Yuuko) as Madoka’s mother is win though. Yuuki Aoi makes another appearance again as Madoka.

4) Infinite: Ends with the promise of a rousing battle between England’s finest and the only man able to pilot a Stratos. Hoping for some great SFX to come. Otherwise, generic characters and settings abound. Hiyocchi (Hikasa Youko) is putting up the good fight to keep me watching.

5) FREEZING: The gore! The guro! This is something wildly different from Hyakka Ryouran. Mami-mami (Noto Mamiko) as Satellizer’s voice is an unexpected choice. I’d like to see how well she can voice out aggression, as the Untouchable Queen.

6) Merry: Normal guy with slight magical powers meets fantasy girl. Shades of Shana episode 1, anyone? Solid but nothing great. Merry sounds like Ayanyan, but Sakura Ayane is a completely new seiyuu. Perhaps one to watch out for, since her first role is already a lead character.

7) I don’t like Onii-chan: Art is a turn-off, really. Lanky bodies that resemble but lack the oozing appeal of CLAMP-style characters isn’t a plus point. Story could go anywhere, especially since the “twist” of why Nao does not appear in her brother’s old photos has been revealed. Kitamura Eri voice still cracks me up as usual.

8 ) Mitsudomoe 2: Gachi Rangers were funny. But that’s it. Personally I felt like they wasted an episode of an already limited season (apparently it’s only 8 episodes long?) when they could have focused more on, you know, the triplets.

9) Dragon Crisis: What. Tepid. Fugue. What does that spell? Nothing much to say. Generic storyline, generic characters. I’m gonna give it til episode 3 to improve. Maybe then the strong cast of Kugimin (Kugimiya Rie), Yukana and Hocchan (Horie Yui) won’t have to be stuck voicing this slop.

Special mention:

Kimi ni Todoke 2: more like a recap, so I ain’t got much. Check out doodler‘s post on it.

Beelzebub is the kind of long-runnin series that I hate having converted into anime form, other examples being Bleach, Naruto etc. It’ll continue on for so long that filler episodes start pouring in or it’ll get slapped with a lame-ass anime-original ending.

Fractale is airing when episodes 2 of IS, Madoka and Merry come out, and I’m gonna blog about it anyway, so I’ll leave it til then.


  1. Ash Daniel Mamaril
    November 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    What;s the title of the 6th one merry :))

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