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kimi ni todoke season 2 ep 01 – classify ur chocs.

when u play with a girl's hair in manga, u turn her into a beauty XD


lol 'do u think it's normal to be trapped in sleep paralysis?' best convo starter ever.

anyway.. some people believe that sleep paralysis is caused when a spirit is obstructing you from moving your body, but you are wide awake at that time. which means that u are clearly thinking and your mind is functioning and registering what your eyes are seeing, but you would be unable to move your body. weird huh.


and this might just be one of the ways to snap out of 'sleep paralysis'.. nahh kiddin'.


and as you can see it gets really addictive esp. to those who are doing it to you, so don't try this at home. or in school wadsoever.


but the pros are that u gather attention to you, even more so when the boy you like is nearby talking with his bunch of guys. *omg can we join in..?!!*


haha you gotta love this scene.. arapin-sensei says 'I don't really eat sweets.. but if you wanna give me something I won't say no..' *big ego hinting*


ok time to get down to business.. it's choco making time.


oh dear.. she forgets how to spell kazehaya's name..


and no..!! she can't remember how to write 'kazehaya' so she tries to cover it by crushing the paper away..!! kiddin'.. it's just that she can't decide what to write for her message to him. a simple ❤ should suffice no..?


and this emotion prepares you for the flashback / emo scene.. and-


flashback.. 'will you marry me..?'


'ohmigawd YES!!'


eh..? wait-



eh..? hold on that wasn't what happened!! *sawako's fantasy*


wow, both of them sure know where the goods are.


and she misses her chance to hand over the chocs.. *should have handed him the chocs instead of looking at his-*


and so she gives her chocs to almost everyone..


desperate, she seeks divine help in finding the best way to hand over her chocs to kazehaya on this special day..


method #1: act awkwardly friendly towards him.


'I.. i cannot do it..!!' ...lol here's a tip on how to draw this scene. draw a semi-oval, do a trapezium at the bottom left and start filling in the blanks. *if you thought the tip was great, continue to 'icantbelieveimmakingmoneywithsuchdrawings.com'*


and kazehaya rejects a random girl's confession chocs.. which makes sawako even more hesitant.. dragging the ep on..


kazehaya gets blackmailed by arapin to give him a massage.. LOL. haha chibisuke kazehaya kawaii desho..?


hawhaw..! that big ego only gave him two chocs..!! wait if one was from sawako.. who's the other one from..? hmm..


lol this guy makes me wonder what does he do at other events. is he still a kid???


wow sawako's really good at hide and seek.


it's now or never.


Move forward, Sawako-chan..!! eh- ume-chan? wasn't last week your ep..? what are you doin-


and once again she goes into stealth mode. woah she's my heroine for covert ops.


what's this feeling stirring in her heart..


and after handing over her 'rejection' chocs to kazehaya.. ume-chan carries on to eliminate the threat sawako..


fooling sawako that kazehaya won't accept homemade chocs and only obligatory chocs.. she runs towards the screen to take the limelight.. 😛 face


best scene ever. still for 9 secs without any audio. once again, refer to 'icantbelieveimmakingmoneywithsuchanimes.com'


she doesn't want to give the chocs to him.. not as obligatory chocs that is. and so she keeps the chocs for the eps to come..


eh..? sawako what are you still doing here-

ackkk..!! where'd she go..??!! spirited away..?


and so this choc lives to see another day.. after valentine's day that is.


and so remember otakus out there.. be sure to classify your chocs between:

1) obligatory chocs

2) friendship chocs

3) confession chocs

or your choc will never leave your bag on valentines’. well, good thing you still have another month to sort it out.. oh and anyone out there who’s thinking of making homemade chocs.. I’d say don’t put in too much nuts and hearts. XD peaceout!































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