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Rio ~ Rainbow Gate – 01 : A nowhere nightmare.

Its a story about a cute little ferret!

Its amazing how effective pets in anime always work well as alarm clocks.

They are always trained to pull off the blanket efficiently,

who made our day by starting the show with fanservice!

and showing off how pretty sexy gals in anime always only wear a panty to sleep.

Doll fetish loli sighted!

Starring Mint Clark voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa from K-On!,!! & Mio from MM!)

Combat Meido~!

And Rio Rollins, voiced by Marina Inoue. (Tsukiumi – Sekirei, Yoko – Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Naturally the all-rounded bijin with superior combat abilities and the main heroine of the show.

To a bride~

She ended up dressing up as a bride to marry “luck”, which I suppose would be her main combat outfit while gambling.

I mean, what’s more is a better powerup than having all the luck you can have? Err…

featuring the "best" mahou shoujo transformation i ever seen

Rio is also able to venture into the world of luck to feel luck’s movements and presence, which unfortunately, is poorly animated and a bunch of gibberish.

and WTF endings

She’s also the perfect girl anyone would want for a wife. She forgives and throws her bosoms on the episode’s antagonist who threatens to strip her naked if she loses the gamble. WTF?

watch me for the LAWLS

And of coz, the fan services...

and the MORE fanservices!

Fanservices are evidently present in large quantity as a coherent storyline is apparently absent.

Basically, watch this anime if you are bored. In other words, if you have too much spare time.

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