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The Disappearance of Yagyuu Jyuubei (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls review)

We'll miss you


It was so obvious the animators went crazy and blew their budget on the final episode.

Which wasn’t a bad thing.

The non-stop special effects managed to grip their sparkly claws on my eyes through out the entire 24 mins.

Which, again, wasn’t a bad thing.

Kanetsuga: certified joker

Previous episode, Muneakira awakens as a TRUE GENERAL. Jyuubei explains that if he reforms the contract with Yukimura and Sen-hime, they’ll become more powerful.





Nia also gets to become a REAL master samurai.



Everyone fights the huge tentacle monster. It always has to be something with tentacles.

Jyuubei goes into the body area and fights Gisen, but gets defeated pretty easily.

Onanism: the act of playing with yourself


Obviously this means that Jyuubei levels up and unleashes her BanKai.

Because my eyes aren't the same



I’m pretty sure if the producers didn’t do the final third of the show in black and white, their budget would have exploded into the stratosphere higher than Gisen. Which you will see in the last picture. COMMENCE SLIDESHOW.

obligatory "Power of Everyone"

The name cracked me up

The power of Christ compels you!!!

Villian: I DUN GEDDIT!!!



alternate line: If you let me go, I'll make you rich

alternate line: I'm f**ked

villian trash talk

Hero's rebut. works everytime.


sound doesn't travel in space



Roll Credits.

obligatory sunset shot

The... End...?



Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is about a guy and his harem of big boobs, with the exception of a flat-chested loli that obviously has to be voiced by Kugyu-sama, undisputed Queen of Tsunderes and Flat-chests.

You’d find nothing thought-provoking in this show, and no good reasons for girl-on-girl fights that occur. I wouldn’t say the plot is paper-thin. There is a motive (The Great Shadow) for the samurais to get pumped up and want to keep on fighting.

You get an all-star voice acting cast, with the likes of the aforementioned Kugimiya Rie, Kotobuki Minako, Yuuki Aoi, Kobayashi Yuu, Toyosaki Aki, Koshimizu Ami… and for the (ONLY) two guys in the show, Sakurai Takahiro (Code Geass: Suzaku) and Hirakawa Daisuke (School Days: Itou Makoto).

Personally, I only became interested in this show due to its unique art style. The animators added a second layer of inkblots and ink slashes throughout the scenes, to give extra emphasis and impact.

To me it was pretty cool, and the difference between this and Queen’s Blade, another harem show of the giant breasts.

The final episode is worth watching, even if only for the continuous never-ending action that sprinted from start to finish. I was really riveted to my TV.

If you have some free time, and want to fill it up with one of the many shows full of (sometimes) mindless action and the occasional slapstick, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is a good watch.


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