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Geso-Kyou(Pun intended) Seiyuu Review

Well seeing as we have just reviewed Ika-musume, its time for me to talk about aural side of the anime, the cast.(This post was supposed to be just after Infy’s post but i procrastinated so it ended up after the Yosuga post ><“)

Having read the manga years ago, it brought me great joy upon hearing that they were making it into anime after so many years. Like most fans of manga-turned-anime adaptations, I  had hoped that the voice cast will bring out the essence of the character in which I have grown to like while reading the manga and little did i know what i was in for when i watched the 1st episode.

The cast was AMAZING with Hanemoto Hisako, Fujimura Ayumi, Tanaka Rie as the main 3 characters and even the supporting cast had good seiyuus with the likes of Itou Kanae, Nakamura Yuuichi, Nabatame Hitomi and even Kawasumi Ayako and Akemi Kanda.

Hanemoto Hisako as Ika-musume: Hanemoto Hisako is quite a new face in the seiyuu industry with her most major role in anime as Sorami Kanata in So-Ra-No-Woto with her high pitch and cutesy voice. Being casted as Ika-musume, I was sceptical at first as it could have been a hard role with a character with interesting vocal mannerisms such as adding -ika and -de geso after every sentence, but boy was i wrong. After hearing her speak, all my worries were washed away as she took on the role of Ika-chan like a charm, using -ika and -de geso naturally in all her lines without a hitch. This truly impressed me as i did not expect such a fresh seiyuu to give such a good rendition of Ika-musume and she was consistent throughout the series, portraying Ika-chan like a charm. After this show, i feel that Hanemoto Hisako’s may have an increase in popularity after this superb portrayal so take note of her voice and be alert as she may be in many other shows to come.

Fujimura Ayumi as Aizawa Eiko: Fujimura Ayumi has been around for quite sometime with many different roles under her belt.  You may have heard her this season in Psychic Tantei Yakumo as Ozawa Haruka or a few seasons ago in The Sacred Blacksmith as Cecil Campbell and many more. Her slightly unique voice with a hint of hoarseness perfectly suits the tomboy-ish character of Aizawa Eiko and provides the correct punch as the “straight-man” when reacting to Ika-musumes antics. However, her role in this show was relatively simple as Eiko was actually quite a normal character with no real attributes to take note so overall what i feel is that it just another good performance by Fujimura Ayumi.

Tanaka Rie as Aizawa Chizuru: Tanaka Rie…..hmm where do i start, this name has been in this industry for over 10 years and counting, she has an impressive CV with tons of superb character portrayals under her belt. Who could forget one of her role as Chii from Chobits, Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, Lacus Clyne in Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny, Maria in Hayate no Gotoku and the list goes on and on. Having her in the cast already made this show a must watch show for me, seeing that i’m quite a big fan of hers, as its is quite rare for her to be casted in shows these days and did she not disappoint. She managed to voice Chizuru perfectly, portraying kindness and air-headedness in her “normal-mode”, yet switching to the “dark Chizuru” without a hitch and providing her with the sinister tone needed for her part. Chizuru does not have that much screen time actually so even though any other seiyuu could have voiced Chizuru, it gave me great joy in hearing Tanaka Rie’s voice again this season in this show and in MM! too.

Itou Kanae as Nagatsuki Sanae: Itou Kanae is a realitively new seiyuu in the industry with her debut role as Hinamori Amu in Shugo Chara and a few major roles such as Erisu in Asobi ni Ikuyo! and Saten Ruiko in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun/ A Certain Scientific Railgun just to name a few. Her high-pitched and slightly out of tune voice was perfect for the comedy relief role of Sanae in Ika Musume. Her “Ika-chan!!” was perfectly voiced with the proper obsession in it and whenever she shouts that, i could imagine Saten Ruiko saying “U-I-Ha Ru!!” in Railgun. I feel that she was lucky that this role was similar to her previous work so there was no difficulty in her portrayal of Sanae. Overall i feel that her inclusion in this anime  as a supporting character was mainly to attract her fans to watch this show as she even provided the ending theme which her fans will love but she voiced it perfectly so i have no qualms in her being in this show.

Overall Thoughts

On the whole i feel that this show is quite a seiyuu lovers type of show with a great main cast having both new and experienced seiyuus in it, providing good renditions of their parts. Even the supporting characters had great seiyuus with Nakamura Yuuichi and Nabatome Hitomi providing their voices to Arashiyama Gorou and Cindy Campbell respectively just to name a few.  And just to point out, even Kawasumi Ayako and Akemi Kanda had  small roles to play in this show even though its was just for an episode or 2 and a few lines but sometimes having a small appearance is enough to make people happy.

Therefore i can say that Shinryaku! Ika Musume is a show that while not the best as quoted from what Infy said, it is a show in which the cast shines quite well providing an aural treat and lots of laughs too.


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    December 24, 2010 at 2:47 am

    woah great review!! geso geso~ muhaha soon this site will invade the others!!

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