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Return of the Geso (Shinryaku Ika-Musume episode 12 + season review)

Sith Lord and Apprentice

So we get to the finale of Shinryaku Ika-Musume!

First up: Won’t You Fight?

lol qsq

Beach holds a volleyball competition, the gang obsessed with winning first prize, which is a 3DTV. Kinda advanced prize, for a volleyball competition!? Well anyway..

Ika inquires about the 3DTV, and Takeru explains that images pop out of it.

Ika's imagining of 3DTV

Which makes her immediately sign up for it. Eiko signs up as well because she wants to play games on 3DTV. WHICH MAKES HER AWESOME IMMEDIATELY. I LOVE EIKO.

G4M3R 4 LIF3

And here’s Sanae’s reason for wanting 3DTV.

Sanae's... fantasy

All in all, Eiko+Ika pwns every other team (thou most of the teams self-destructed in various ways). Nagisa running away because she’s scared of Ika, MIT San-Bakas inventing an indestructible ball but breaking their hands while trying to serve etc.


In the final match, Eiko gets injured trying to return a ball from Gorou, and Chizuru subs in. To unleash this ultimate technique and ending the match by returning it so hard it exploded.


This is gonna be LEGEN-


Cumulonimbus cloud!

Why can't I eat it 😦

The expected -_- ending.

Isn’t It A Crisis?

It's so soft...

Ika loses her squid abilities, like moving her tentacles and spitting squid ink. After different attempts at reviving her tentacles, the scientists conclude that Ika is adapting to life on land, hence “degenerating” and losing her squid powers. She decides to return to the ocean.


Isn’t It A Bigger Crisis?

The entire cast mopes around as Ika doesn’t return for quite some time. I estimate it to be at least 1 month for the depression to have set in.




Ika returns, as “Mark 2” (in her own words). She decided that since her tentacles were useless, it was better to cut everything up, much like what an emo kid does to their own wrist.

Wild Chiaki appears!

Ika goes through her usual life, this time without her tentacles. However, this causes Takeru to accuse her of not being herself, which gets everyone depressed again. Way to go, kiddo.

Then this mysterious girl appears, gives the standard pep talk, even finishing with the “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” line.

Eiko transforms into a Tengen Toppa Gunman

Stuff happens, and Eiko starts drowning.



Ika uses her willpower and regenerates her tentacles, saving Eiko.

I'm horny for you, Eiko


Life goes on.

Kimonos~ geso~


Mysterious girl looks on. Does this hint at a 2nd season? Who knows.


Ika finally acknowledging the camera and running off screen seems pretty final.

It started out as a promising show about a squid girl threatening to be the advent of an invading army. It turned out instead to be a typical slice-of-life show, with one character that wasn’t entirely human. The show’s gags hinged upon the many abilities of Ika-Musume, which would always mean that sooner or later they’d run out of unique things to joke about. That is why I thought I’d probably get bored halfway throughout.

Turns out, I’m actually quite sad that we may never get to see these bunch of people again. Somehow somewhere I’ve bonded with them over the 12 episodes.

Of the 8 shows I’m watching this season, Shinryaku Ika-Musume! isn’t the best. Still, I wouldn’t discourage anybody from watching. It may seem like a simple show, but it’s got plenty of heart.


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